Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It was only around 25 degrees F. this morning while I took my walk, but the sun was glowing and well, when that happens, 20 degrees or 30--it all feels the same to me. During the winter I take walks in my long black wool coat and my black (or olive) knitted gloves and my tweadish knitted cap and I carry my faded maroon umbrella (strapped closed), too. Oh, not for the rain or snow, but to keep the occasional loose dog away with the nice, long wooden tip with its metal piece.

I thought about how I must appear walking around like that and this quote which Patty shared came to me:

"One of the greatest assets any person can secure is a reputation for eccentricity. If you have a reputation of this kind you can do a lot of things … Many an act which, if performed by an ordinary person, would arouse indignation, animosity and antagonism can be performed by a person with a reputation for eccentricity with no other result that that of exciting mirth … "
E.W. Scripps

Love that! My favorite movies and documentaries are those with eccentric people in their story. Always, I sit there and wish I could be more eccentric. Oh, not insane-eccentric-crazy, but more like free-eccentric. Unafraid to be who I really am, even if that means appearing quite loopy, unusual to others. And brave enough to do the good things inside my heart, things which shyness and thoughts of 'people-just-don't-do-that' stop me from doing.

But not so eccentric as to make people back away slowly and escape. Rather, unique enough to draw them in... curious, wanting to hear and watch more.

So while I took my walk today all bundled-up and with my umbrella on a perfectly clear morning and happy in the cold, I thought perhaps I'm getting a good start on this eccentricity thing. And, if so, wouldn't that be lovely? Who knows where that kind of freedom could lead?

Have you ever done anything which, looking back, may have been viewed by others as being rather eccentric?


Patty said...

Don't ya just love that quote, serves me well so many times !

smilnsigh said...

"Have you ever done anything which, looking back, may have been viewed by others as being rather eccentric?"

-smile- Oh Debra, you know me! I'm probably viewed as eccentric, more times than I'm not viewed that way!

Keep at it! You'll love it.

And speaking of 'eccentric,'... What did we watch last night but a really old film... An early Alfred Hitchcock, before he got into very-scary. {I don't like very-scary} Anyway, it's "The Lady Vanishes" and it's newly out on DVD. The eccentric looking older lady 'who vanished,' was played by Dame May Whitty and to eccentric perfection. :-) A joy she was!

This 'eccentic' is beyond the pale, for you for sure. Even for me, perhaps. But it was fun to watch her play the part. :-)

Mari-Nanci said...

I have been reading your blog for a month or more, I find you often put into words things that I have thought myself. Your post on eccentricity is one of those "aha" posts. Thanks.

Laurie S.

Anonymous said...

"I want to be an outrageous old woman who never gets called "old lady". I want to get leaner and meaner, sharp-edged and earth colored, 'til I fade away from pure joy".

My goal...Wilma