Friday, November 02, 2007

If any of you travel by plane a lot, well, you have my sympathies.

Sheesh. When we flew out of Buffalo we were at the airport by around 5:15 in the morning and oh my goodness... I'd never seen such an eternally-long line there! But the neat thing was that an official-looking guy came and pulled Tom out of line (though we both wondered if Tom appeared suspicious or something), and when we followed him through all the mayhem, he led us to a tiny little line, the line where the pilots go through and those folks who need assistance. All it took was Tom's standing in the original line with his cane for us to be granted such favor. (We shared that story with some friends, and they joked that hey! Next time they're at an airport, they'll take a cane and perhaps wear an eye patch, too, just in case.)

So anyway, it shocked me how everyone practically disrobed right in front of us. And since everybody was removing everything except their shirts and slacks before stepping through the detector, we did that, too. And then as we dressed again I muttered to Tom, "The day they make us strip down to our underwear, that's the day I stop flying forever." heh.

Then there was the next airport, the one in Cincinnati, where we literally had to run through crowds and over those moving sidewalks (and boy, is that a wild feeling, almost like racing for your own flying take-off) in order to reach our next flight (gasping, I told the woman at the desk that my husband was right behind me). The flight attendant of our previous plane said that the five of us going to Portland would have to hurry and she gave us her best wishes, which translated, meant, "Good luck, cuz you're sure gonna need it."

And then the movie on our Cincinnati plane was Evan Almighty. Guess which movie Tom and I had watch just five days before? So we didn't buy the earphones, but I did watch it again and used my rusty ability of lip-reading. And of course you know which movie they played later on our return trip back home, don't you? Yep, Evan Almighty. Again. But this time I did purchase the headphones cuz it was gonna be one long flight home and besides, on the previous trip, they'd shown other programs (albeit rather boring ones) afterward. This time though, the 'after shows' were better and made the whole trip feel much shorter. Besides, I enjoyed Evan Almighty for its lessons. I've often felt God had me doing weird things, things which made others question my sanity.

In fact, on the flight out to Portland as I sat there munching the Delta snack pack and watching the silent version of Evan Almighty and listening to the soft chatter and laughter of people on the sunny plane, I remember thinking, "You know? This is pleasant. Of course, I'd enjoy it more if we weren't thousands of feet in the air, but rather, sitting on the ground somewhere, but hey... This is rather nice, all things considered."

Oh and remember how I was going to look for the new Victoria magazine on the 29th so I could fly home with it on my lap on the 30th? Well, guess who forgot to search for it at any of the Safeway stores or bookstores all those hundreds of coastal miles we drove in Oregon? And of course, when I wildly looked for it at all those airport bookstores the next day, I couldn't find one. And really, I lacked the faith that they'd even have Victoria there so soon, anyway.

But alas, finally, I bought my copy yesterday here at our market in town.... here where dwells our home sweet home. At least for awhile longer. And sitting on the porch with Victoria, the world, my world, feels a bit more normal. Slow-paced... friendly... quiet and anchored on the ground. Thank-goodness.

P.S. In case you wondered, I enjoyed the new Victoria and was relieved it resembled the original a lot. Loved the clothes, both Tasha's and the ones on page 89. Even loved most of the ads for furniture--the rooms were ones I'd love to live in, myself. I'm looking forward to the next issue!


Peggy said...

Hello Debra, I just discovered your lovely site today and have been happiy reading old posts. I am so sorry about your Father. Thank you for the time make this a peaceful and welcoming place. Your faith and insight are a blessing. I'll visit frequently.

elizabeth said...

I forgot to tell you NOT to wear an underwire bra to fly...they really ping on you then. I have been patted down and wanded both in Champagne, Ill. I noticed them ONLY so doing to women...duh!! A guy with some headgear that could have hidden a small child was happily let through, no problem. INSANE...totally insane!! Glad you made it home ok. Glad your hubby's cane made it go quicker through the line too!!

Anonymous said...

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daisymarie said...

I've done the fly through the airport thing, both girls (then 13 and 14) in sprint mode with me. It was awful and comical at the same time. Made it, but barely.

I had to love your deciphering of "attendant-eze."

It's good to sense the peacefulness of your return to "home." There's such a spiritual solidity in your description.

Robin in New Jersey said...

I fly about once a year to go on a company paid trip with my husband. He flies 5-6 times a month and some of those trips include more than one flight. He gets so annoyed having to take off his shoes and belt. I just go with the flow...

Ann said...

I'm so glad your home safe and sound. I am sorry for your loss. I lost my father in 1991 and my mother in 1980. I know where you've been because I've been there myself. Sorry I didn't get to write earlier. What you have gone through was hard for me to read and brought back a lot of memories. We do have good news here! We are going to be grandparents in June. Wedding to follow baby. Not happy about that but what to do? Have a very nice weekend!