Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's something you've never heard me say before... I watched the ABC World News tonight and it blessed my socks off.

The very last story told how, in Atlanta, state officials, pastors and hundreds of people gathered on the steps of the capitol building and actually prayed for rain for their parched land. It made me recall all the stories I've heard of farmers and whole towns gathering to pray for rain ever so long ago.

Oh my goodness.... Some of the prayers were shown and right there God and prayer mingled with church and state.

And I loved it. I prayed right along with those folks and got all teary-eyed because God made it on the nightly news.

Then to top it off, I whooped and hollered when Charlie Gibson smiled and ended the broadcast by saying, "Wouldn't it be great if it rained in Atlanta tonight?"

Yes, Charlie, it certainly would be great. It certainly would.


P.S. Now, if you are one of those cranky Christians who are thinkin', "Yeah... the government comes crying to God only when they're desperate,"--please, please do not rain on my parade in my comment box. Cranky, negative, sour-minded Christians make my skin crawl....eeew! :)


Judy said...

Well, I am cranky, but not about that.

I too pray that it will rain in Atlanta tonight.

Donetta said...

Wow I'll stand with you all on that. May it rain... nice post.

Elizabeth said...

Well, folks don't be stingy with the prayers...we need rain just as badly in N. Carolina!! You know scripture says if my people will humble themselves and pray...sounds good!

twinkle said...

I'm not sure about Atlanta but we had rain today in Dublin, GA. I just beamed thinking this was answered prayer!

I'm sorry about your father passing away. Mine is 83 due to turn 84 on Christmas Eve. He is a GEM. I suggest you allow your father's death to give you a desire to devote time towards something in his memory. I lost a young friend several years ago and determined I would do something I had been afraid of...I started a women's ministry in her honor. And of course, the Lord was wooing me into this ministry but I was afraid. This young lady's death changed me for the good. Life is too short and good works live on from generation to generation. Isn't that interesting that even in death, your father can inspire you to pursue a passion in his memory?
May God bless you.