Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Poor ol' Debra is not having a good time right now.

She's spent a few days mostly on the couch blowing her nose and trying not to talk because when she does, she coughs. (Bummer. Can't even talk to myself now.) She's still trying to get over the stupid cold she caught two weeks ago, downing lots of Vitamin C and every other natural thing she can read about.

And here she thought she was so healthy. phooey.

And then yesterday she had a dentist appointment and the dental cleaning from, well, you-know-where. The mean old hygenist had to (gross alert) puncture her gum and make it bleed just because it was all swollen, painful and in danger of infection. "Best thing for it, I'm afraid. Sorry." she said, making pitying noises.

I wanted to sock her.

And did I mention that my one and only good ear is plugged up? And that we had another house showing last night, so I had to peel myself off the couch and grab up all the used kleenex and water glasses and etc. and clean, clean, clean? And that we have another showing tonight?

After all that yesterday, I had to lecture myself. "Debra, you will not feel sorry for yourself. You will not attend a single pity party. You will watch what you say, what with the power of life and death being in the tongue, and all... And you won't let yourself get so down that it will take a whole bus load of Christians to pull you back up." I'm not sure yet if I listened to myself. But I guess I tried. Yesterday, anyway.

This morning, though, when Tom got home from work, I did, well, morph into Nelly Negative while wilting on the couch, moaning how I just know we're gonna be stuck in this town for another long winter (snow's coming tonight) and how we should have put the house up for sale a couple months earlier and how I want to move to Mt. Airy, like, right this minute and would he please make up his mind what we're gonna do with the rest of our lives?

But Tom knows when I get like that the best thing is just to nod, make understanding noises and say, "I'll see what I can do." And wait for me to get over it.

Well anyway, just thought I'd tell you where I've been, cuz I've not been down here at the computer. Nope, you'd have to look upstairs, on our couch, and that's where you'd find me. That is, if I were to let you inside the house. Nobody's gonna see me lookin' like this today. Nobody except Tom, that is. Poor guy.


So has anyone ever tried 'oil pulling' as described here? I thought I'd try it. My poor ol' mouth and my poor ol' head need all the help they can get.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Debra, rest and drink liquids (organic broth? tea?) and get well. I hope your misearable feeling will soon be far behind you. But you HAVE been under a lot of stress lately, so don't think it is just a failure of what you have tried to do! You might have been much more ill without your new efforts to be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Debra, sorry you're feeling so down in the mouth. I'm really enjoying your blog. All I can offer you, is a link to mine.
Just type it in, because it didn't just highlight, in this box.http://myfairladymysophia.blogspot.com it should work. Feel well soon, happy homemaker.

Jennifer said...

I totally sympathize. I have this cough that is hanging on and hanging on, but I don't have to get up and clean the house for showings. That would make it even worse. You've been through a lot lately and this on top of it is just yucky, so go ahead and whine all you need. (I know it's not your style, but really hard to avoid all the time.)

{{{{{hugs for you}}}}}}

Dapoppins said...

Well, I hope you feel better. I think you are awesome. I revel when I am sick. Really. Lay in bed all day, my my husband do everything, make sure i complain and milk it for all its worth. Now I am feeling convicted for not being more positive and active.

elizabeth said...

Never tried oil pulling but thanks for the site. Maybe something there will be of help to us too. I have a friend who always gargles with apple cider vinegar and says her sore throats, colds, etc leave almost in a day. I do know with gum troubles, tooth ache, etc that oil of oregano applied to the gums will help a lot with infections. It tastes a bit like pizza but is very strong! Get at health food store. Also, my gums have been helped a lot by that newer toothbrush by Oral B that has a rubber set of "brush" around the edge of the other usual type brush part...hard to explain...but that rubber REALLY massages gently the gums and strengthens them. My last appt. with dentist, he was estactic at how nice my gums looked (and I am 55, so not a spring chicken)! Hope you feel better soon. Sucking on some sambuchol lozenges is another thing I do with colds...also, we use the herbal cough drops by Ricola...in the yellow bags.

violet said...

Aw... sorry you're feeling so rotten. Sounds like you need a hot toddy - or anything that will take the edge off.

Jennelle said...

Dear Debra,

I hope you're feeling better by now. *Hugs*