Friday, November 23, 2007

So guess where I am not this morning?

I am not out in all the madness, Christmas shopping.

Frankly, I don't get it. I mean, ok, if you adore waiting in line for three (or more)hours in 25 degree temperatures (in our area), then being nearly trampled in a mob (as I saw on our local news) while squeezing with thirty people through a doorway meant for two in order to save a few dollars, well, ok. Go for it. Knock yourself out (figuratively speaking only, I should add in this case. heh.).

But if you hate, dread and abhor that, well, is it really worth it?

For me, I'd rather shop online. And give gift certificates either from online or from peaceful stores while everyone with real jobs are at their, well, real jobs--leaving me to shop in blessed quiet. I'd rather trust God for later bargains and I'd prefer to keep Christmas simple and not use it as a time to, in one month, replace our clothes or electronics or appliances or furniture just because everybody else is.

I'd rather spread that stuff out over the year while everybody else is doing something else, like, sleeping-in or lying on towels at the beach or watching movies in theaters.

In other words, I like to shop alone. In aisles which almost echo with my footsteps or online, the most tranquil, silent place of all (where screaming children, frustrated parents, blaring Christmas music and empty shelves are only a distant memory).

But that's just me.

So if you need to find me today, I'll be home with Tom, watching a Netflix movie, packing a box, or two (or five). And reveling in the peace of the day after Thanksgiving while munching on leftover turkey and pumpkin pie.

And celebrating our sanity. :)


Peggy said...

Yes, yes, yes! It is madness. There is nothing out there that I would participate in the madness to get, not even for free! I find myself wishing that there could be a 13th month, squeezed between November and December, so we could savor Thanksgiving and autumn and peace a little longer. But it would only work if Christmas didn't creep in there! The "overhype" starts earlier and earlier and gets bigger every year.

jar said...

I did go out this morning with my husband and two sons. We weren't anywhere near the front of the line but everything was orderly. Two teenage girls were selling coffee for charity. People were chatting. No frayed nerves, cutting in line. We went in, got our stuff and left. Came back home, dropped off the guys and I went out to one more store. Orderly people yet again. We can't be the only city doing this which makes me wonder about the quality of news reporting.
Even my husband, who absolutely hates crowds, says that it was an enjoyable family outing.
One thing that we noticed though. Very few people buying large ticket items. Most of us were going for much smaller items.

Dapoppins said...

There were a few things I could have used, a few bargins. And then I would have spent money I didn't need to. So yes, I stayed home. (we are all sick anyway And now I hope the advertising blitz is at an end too.

R said...

I went to home depot to pick up a much needed drill (not for Christmas) and no one was there. I can not believe how dead it is this year. Shocking.

We are watching a movie tonight too!

Laura said...

I went grocery shopping and later to a movie (LOVED Dan in Real Life!!) and lunch and thankfully didn't notice any craziness at all - though the news reported plenty of semi-stampedes as doors opened. Most of the "big" sales are on electronics and jewelry anyway - two things NOT on my shopping list, so I'm not all that interested.

I hope you had a nice quiet, Friday with Tom! If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out Ushpizin. Though you have to read the English subtitles through the movie, it was such a great story!!