Thursday, November 29, 2007

My favorite Bible teacher has a saying which I love:

"What God orders, He pays for."

How comforting, indeed, and that can be applied in all sorts of ministry ways and just plain everyday ways, too.

Like today here in Debraville. Good gracious.

The only part of our house which didn't pass the inspection for the upcoming sale was our whole electrical breaker box. We were sent to a website for information about that kind/brand which pretty much said it was a piece of unsafe, dangerous junk.

We had it replaced today and, four chilly, electricity-less hours later, the electrician told us that yes indeedy, (shaking his head), our old breaker box had been a piece of unsafe, dangerous junk. He was amazed (I think) that the house (and we) were still standing.

Then he slapped down a bill for $1,625. Ouch. The estimate had been lower, but the 6 smoke alarms hadn't been added into it. Six! Nowadays, in our state, anyway, you must have one in each hall and in each bedroom. Tom and I try not to get upset about the way the government gets its fingers into our house and our lives more and more each year, but $300 for 6 required smoke alarms is a bit much!

But rather than fume and worry and fret the hair off my head, I'll just remind myself:

"What God orders, He pays for."

And He is most certainly (beyond any doubt) ordering this move we are making. We have such peace about that. So we need to move that peace over to any bill, any cost regarding this move.

I think we can do that... but oh my, $1,625? We just might need a super high dose of peace in this case. :)


"Trust in the Lord..."


Saija said...

amen ... i so agree with you ... we worry about figures & numbers - and why should we? ... our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills ... :o) ...

blessings on ya!

Jammie J. said...

I hear ya!

It still stings when I think about those electricity bills I had last year. Somehow, though, the Lord orchestrated a way to pay for them. But still, ouch!

Robin said...

OUCH! At least you will have the peace of mind that the house is safe for the duration of your time there.