Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas is coming.

Oh my. This year--please, please forgive me--I think I'll skip Christmas.

Ok, ok.... At least I'll be very bare bones about it.

See, there's just too much on my plate right now. You know, the whole my-life-is-up-in-the-air thing. I mean, if our house passes inspection, we'll most likely be moving to a rental house the week after Christmas. Escrow closes around January 7th, but I've a feeling we'll be out of here sooner.

At least we've decided we'll just rent something nearby this winter and then make the Big Move in Spring or Summer. At least, that's our plan. Who knows? Plans have been known to change. But you've gotta have some kind of plan, otherwise all you have is fog. And trust me, in 2007 I've experienced way too much fog concerning my future.

So Christmas will be very, very non-complex around here. I've never really had problems with saying "no" my whole life (some people just are like that). And well, this will horrify some of you whose blogs are already oozing Christmas crafts and gifts and anticipations, but mostly I'll be ignoring Christmas this year. For just one year. The only time I've ever skipped 'Christmas' as the world knows it.

I think Jesus will understand. It's everyone else who may have a big problem with it. But oh well. You've gotta know when to say when.

And today, I'm saying when.


smilnsigh said...

I'm with you! And I'm not in the throws of moving and etc. At least you have an *excuse*!

I absolutely get to dreading Christmas. Not the happy feeling. But the frantic getting. 'Cause no matter how I lobby for lessssss in the gifting, I never really win. Give to Grands! Yes. But who else really needs more stuff???? That's me, a lone voice crying in the wilderness. -sigh-

So, I am one who will not be upset if you don't dwell on the Holidays! In fact, I'd love to join you. Keeping only that which makes us feel good. And letting loose of all the ding-dang-extras, which simply don't make us feel good, any more.


nancyr said...

I skipped decorating for Christmas one year when my life was just too complicated to worry about decorations. Life goes on! I know you will celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, and that is what it is all about anyway.
Relax when you can, and good luck with the move.

Robin said...

Did you ever read the book Skipping Christmas? Pretty funny.

Thinking about you Debra...

Saija said...

you are going through the stuff we went through the last 2 years!! so i hear ya ...

and you are only skipping man-made traditions - not the warmth in your heart that the Savior brings, Jesus born to a world mired in sin and YUCK ...


Judy said...

I understand.

That Christmas was four years ago for me. Our daughter's wedding was the week after Christmas.

This year, since we are in a 'new' house, I'm really excited to decorate with all of my old stuff, and get a new look.

And, it is a pleasant distraction from all the yuck going on around here.

Oh, and the year of the wedding? Christmas still came.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Debra. You do what's right for you. Christmas will come and it will bring joy to your heart. Next year you will be in a new home with wonderful new ideas for decorating or not....I am not a person who has ever learned to say no very often. Perhaps at age 71 I could still learn. You give me hope.

Blessings....all will be well.

Hugs, Wilma said...

Nothing wrong with taking the simple route, you may find you love a simpler Christmas season and find extra time for your worship or for reaching out to others in the true spirit of the season.

We may be moving next year, as well, and dh is traveling a lot, our decorating will be simpler this year, too. Simple can be lovely and meaningful.

mysophia said...

Well, I'm kinda not doing Thanksgiving, I'm certainly not traveling, I might buy a big turkey and cook it off. But other then that I don't even feel like going out to eat. How long did you live in your home before you decided to sell?