Friday, May 25, 2007

I know... I wasn't here yesterday, but I'm back to simply enjoying Life and God (well, I never stopped enjoying Him) and feeling marvelous all-around. Since avoiding all the trigger foods which the book, Eat Right For Your Type suggested, it's been like a miracle how great I've felt... like being on a caffeine high, only without the caffeine and without the side effects, too.

I even tweaked my Dream Room before 7:00 this morning... a part of which you can see in the photo. Earlier I had my pretend coffee and watched old Leave It To Beaver episodes up there in my peaceful turquoise room where I'm spending oodles of time since it feels like a day at the beach. And then for the third morning in a row I sat outside on our sunny front porch, early, before even the little school bus rumbled down our street and gobbled up the kids down the block.

Yesterday morning Tom and I watched the season's ending of LOST (we always tape it)... We loved it! Ever since that dreadful, whose-idea-was-that? hiatus, we've enjoyed LOST again... it's as though the writers returned to the initial magic of the first season. How great to watch a show where it's nearly impossible to guess what's next... a show which is different than anything I, personally, have ever seen before. My favorite parts of the finale? (Spoiler alert:) That they had Hurley be the hero... that Sayid didn't really die (I was nearly frantic)...that Ben's beyond-cruel commandoes are all gone... that John is still alive... and that when I was simply dying to see who would get out of the car to meet Jack at the airport--it was Kate. Wow! I'm totally confused now, of course, but in a fun, enchanted way. Any other huge LOST fans out there?

Anyway, I'm still here. And well, Tom is too--he has yet another day off and I need to race upstairs and make him some oatmeal. I'm hoping we'll have a fun, productive day... and I'm hoping that for you, as well.

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