Sunday, May 13, 2007

Anticipating Instead

Happy Mother's Day to each of you! Later this afternoon, Naomi and her boyfriend will come over and I'm anticipating their visit, especially now that I'm back to my old (new?) self.

For you see, yesterday was much, much better... as days are when you stop complaining like a spoiled brat.

So there I was, sitting outside on our sunny front porch, the magic place where I've healed from many hurts, from ones along the mothering road or the wifely one or the general no-one-gets-through-Life-unscathed ones. And at a point, I almost heard God say, "Ok. Now that you're quiet, we can actually get somewhere." Then He showed me bits of what He wants me to do for the next five months... I say bits, because rarely does He reveal every detail of a long journey ahead. No, He's pretty big on that Faith and Trust stuff. Painting the entire picture would zap the need for those.

Basically, He told me to make plans to Enjoy... Enjoy our last few months here ... Enjoy our mostly-fixed house and yard and how Naomi drops by to say hello some evenings and even the weather and the peace upon this porch. You know, rather like this verse:

"...nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy..." I Timothy 6:17

I think I can do that. I'm not sure. Sounds like luxury to me.

And then He said--rather than not buy a single thing for five months--I, instead, could search for and buy better-loved items to replace certain of our not-so-loved items. Hmmm... I liked that idea. There's a nightstand upstairs in my Dream Room which is oh hum ok, but I'd prefer a different old-style one. Maybe I could find one at an estate sale...

...and as some of you suggested, He even hinted that the timing and our choice of a house will be better this way, in October, too. Imagine. A plan of His better than a plan of mine!

And so my Saturday went... Ideas floating around my head, rather than the churning and swirling of wild tornadoes of discontent. And memories of what Spring and Summer in this place are like (in all the fuss, I'd forgotten how exquisite a summer morning can be here).

Because I silenced all my brain's pathetic complaining, I could actually hear the peace-filled, sensible, loving voice of God, especially while I stepped and worked amongst all those forget-me-nots in our sunny backyard. Our front porch is a pleasant healing place, but there's just something about our tiny, made-for-two backyard. Life is pretty simple back there, and oh my.... at my age, I do love doing simple!

Thanks so very much to each of you who left comments or emailed with encouragement and suggestions! I'll try to reply to you soon.....again, thanks!

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