Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good gracious.

You won't believe what I did yesterday. Well, you'll probably believe it. I'm the one who can't.

Around 8:30 in the morning I drove to our local supermarket and bought a cup of coffee from the woman behind the counter who bore a strong resemblance to the grandma who owns Tweety Bird. Her voice was nearly identical. Then while I sat at a bistro table nearby, a little old man spoke to me now and again--his voice was a male version of the Tweety Bird's grandma lady... made me smile. And a store worker restocked shelves near us, all the time softly singing cheerful songs.

Maybe I live in an enchanted place. I'm not sure.**

Well, I drove to the library and as quickly as I could, I grabbed a whole stack of books, some from the kids' room and others from the adult decorating books section. I say 'quickly' because the stale, recycled blechy air in that place makes me dizzy and by the time I'm searching in my wallet for my library card I'm always murmuring, "Must... get... out.... of.... here..."

Then I drove to Burger King for a kid's meal--hamburger and onion rings--which, according to that Eating Right For Your Type book I told you about, is practically health food for my blood type. heh. Then at the park a couple blocks away, I ate my lunch, thumbed through my books and appreciated all the finally-green trees outside the windshield.

The whole morning had been pleasant, but as I later sat on our sunny front porch with my library books, I realized mostly I was just killing time until we move. And I wondered if I'd continue to feel like that for five more months.

And then I got an inspiration. "I know!," I thought. "I'll repaint and redecorate my Dream Room!" And for the next seven hours, that's just what I did. With a three-inch brush (rollers are way too messy for me) I spent five hours painting my room an aqua/turquoise shade and a couple hours shoving furniture across the hall into the Tower Room (which, once again, now resembles a storage barn).

I love this new look. I should have done it sooner. And I continue to be amazed at how much this woman is changing. I mean, I find myself craving simplicity in my decor now whereas years ago I believed Victorian-esque clutter to be very cool. But now, well, clutter makes me shudder, especially my own clutter in my own house. After spending time in my new serene blue room, I sat with Tom downstairs in our Cozy Room where we basically live like mice in a crowded hole in the wall, and well, I think I began nervously twitching. I had to just face the tv and not gaze around the room at all the newspapers, dishes, shoes and blankets and, well, you know. Stuff.

Of course, after all those hours of actually working yesterday, I could barely crawl out of bed this morning. I ached all over. But it's a pleasant sort of ache (well, mostly), one which comes after being stretched past my recent inactivity and the wondering of what I should do... a stretching beyond what I, myself, could ever do alone. And I'm hoping there will be more of it while I'm waiting for the next chapter of my life to begin.

**Well, I guess it's official. This morning our mail carrier lady came walking up to our mailbox singing a happy song. :)

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