Saturday, May 05, 2007


Man oh man.... I am so grateful that we don't sell a house every year. Or every two years. At this moment my house is unnaturally clean and straightened and freshly painted.

There's just something not right about that, especially when I consider what it required to make it like this.

So the realtor came by this morning to do one of those I'll-walk-through-your-house-and-tell-you-what's-wrong-with-it-for-free things and you know, I had the best time with her. A true kindred spirit! She loved all the improvements we've made and how I decorate and she even owns a couple similar lamps and paintings. I met her at an open house two years ago while I took a Sunday walk and, shockingly, she remembered me. It's nice to be remembered, especially when you're incredibly average.

Anyway, she walked through our whole house and made only one suggestion--one!--that I move our Morris chair to a different corner of the living room. That's it. (Whew!) Though, to be honest, there were four or five other things I hurriedly told her I would be painting/fixing/revitalizing so I could beat her to the punch.

We'll wait, though, to list our house and sign her up as our realtor in ten more days. I mean, we're 98% sure Tom will take that Richmond job--it's that 2 percent which says we have nothing in writing yet which makes us wait until the 15th when Tom has another meeting with the Powers That Be.

So anyway, Debra is giving herself a much-deserved two days off to loll around and rest a little and work even less (which sounds luxurious since annoying springtime allergies have invaded my poor, drippy head). These past two weeks have tested just about every word she ever scribbled into this blog and she needs to review where she went right, where she veered a little to the edge and where she totally careened off the road...

... so that in the weeks to come, she'll stay calmer and lots more full of faith and the kind of peace which never, ever goes away--even in the midst of working like a person with a real job(!) to prepare a house to sell. When you crave peace like Debra does, you make adjustments in order to keep it.

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