Monday, May 21, 2007

This And That (Mostly That)

Did anyone else watch the tribute to Bob Barker last week? I taped it and will probably keep the tape for some time. I like Bob. Believe it or not, I've watched him for 42 years--perhaps more. (Forty-two years!) I remember at six-years-old laying in front of the tv watching Truth Or Consequences and loving best the surprise reunions, usually between servicemen and their wives. Oh my. Even as that braided-haired child, I'd brush my tears away before the family could glimpse my silly little sentimental self.

I even recall The Price Is Right when it was just one-half hour--that's how ancient I am. And well, it's not like I watch T.P.I.R. every single weekday (no, really I don't). Though, since I heard Bob was retiring, it's been on our kitchen tv more often for the sake of seeing Bob before he leaves us. There's just something about seeing people win prizes... just something about watching people screaming with happiness--rather than complaints. And well, all these decades later I'm still that little girl deep inside, the one who's watching Bob and his contestants and still brushing away those happy tears... (not to mention jumping around gleefully when the occasion calls for it).


So does anyone know the right way to care for a 'prayer plant'? Naomi gave me one years ago and over time (and over-watering) I killed it. But I love the way it looked in our house so I bought another one, and well, it's now dying a slow, painful death. I keep forgetting to look-up the care and feeding of prayer plants online, so I thought I'd ask here while I'm thinking of it.


My current test? Just enjoying my life without knowing exactly what else I should be doing right now. You'd think it would be easy to relax and simply enjoy God and Life and my husband and my house and my cats and the fact that we raised a sweet daughter, but, well... there's still that nagging voice which says I should be doing more while we are waiting to move.

But it comes to me.... God doesn't want me just grabbing at 'busywork' for the sake of appearing busy to other people.... and He doesn't want me following annoying, nagging voices (the tyranny of the oughts and shoulds) inside my head.

No, He wants me to follow His voice... To wait in perfect trust and patience--and joy--until I receive further instructions. To just keep doing what I'm doing until I hear from Him otherwise.

I'll let you know how that goes.

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