Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Number One Pet Peeve

"Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil." Romans 14:16


I've been thinking about that verse lately. In fact, my blogroll got even shorter this week because of it.

I am very, very, very tired of bloggers who set themselves up as King/Queen of the World and tell us which Christian teachers they believe are "missing it." Which ones we should avoid or be suspicious of.

As though these bloggers have ever been in those teachers' shoes.

As though they've ever known what it takes to run a ministry which ministers to millions of people.

As though these bloggers have a perfect understanding of Everything, have experienced Everything in God there is to experience and have learned Everything about God which a person can possibly ever, ever learn.

As though these bloggers know what these teachers' have walked through with God at their side. As though these bloggers even have a clue as to what they would do with such a huge responsibility if given one, themselves.

As though these bloggers have listened to these teachers' more than just a few times and come to know, really know, their heart for themselves.

As though these bloggers have even an inkling of the kinds of evil forces which come against leaders every single day of their lives.

As though these bloggers ever pray with godly compassion for these teachers for any length of time.

As though these bloggers have even spent one minute with these teachers in-person.

As though these bloggers totally disregard the millions of souls saved and people set free from horrible years of bondages of depression, unforgiveness, self-hatred, and self-condemnation.

As though these bloggers believe they won't have to account for every single condemning word they've spoken against God's annointed people when they stand before Him in Heaven.

As though!

Ever wondered what my pet peeves are? Well, you've just discovered the first one at the top of the list.

And because of this verse, I can no longer keep it hidden. And I can also no longer have anything to do with blogs which justify chewing up teachers and spitting out the pieces (even in ignorance). It wounds the deepest part of my spirit--and well, if I'm limping around with a wounded spirit, I'm unable then to minister peace and Life to you.

And you are way too important for me to risk that.

"Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil." Romans 14:16

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