Saturday, September 30, 2006

What We Found...

What fun we had at estate and yard sales yesterday... You can see some of the fun for yourselves here. The mirror was just $5 and someday I will paint it (the scroll-type stuff at the top makes it special, imo). Tom paid a bit more for the table than I would have...someday I will paint it, too, probably to match the mirror.

And we both loved this coffee table...loved it even more when Tom asked them if they'd take $7 instead of $10...and they said yes (it's old, not new). And true, it's very un-Craftsman-furniture-like. But we've found that what 'they say' is true: buy what you love and --somehow--it will all fit together. As with everything else, it, too, will get a coat of paint someday. But even for now, all these new-to-us things look sweet in our home.

And I bought this lampshade for just $3. I'd seen others like it in old magazines... I believe these were popular in the 1920's? 30's? It sits on a lamp which I've been meaning to--shock--repaint.
I try always to carry an expectation that God will lead us to sales with something which will make us gasp with delight. Do we always find something everywhere we go? No, of course not. But the spirit of expectation, itself, fills our days with smiles around our eyes... and it far outweighs living with the ol' spirit of nothing-good-ever-happens-to-me-and-God-doesn't-care-about-that-kind-of-stuff-anyway.

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