Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Creativity = Saving Money

I love sharing ways to save money because it's a way of sharing hope... hope that having a nice home just might not be as impossible as "they say" (whoever "they" are). A hope that anyone can create certain things. Sometimes it just takes seeing the ideas for yourself, first.

Like yesterday... I 'matted' this Holly Hobbie card by just cutting-out squares from two sheets of cardstock (which I always keep on hand) and placing the card on top of the smaller square. At a glance, you can't tell it's not matted the 'right way.' But then, who's to say just which way is the right way anyway?

Here's another example of matting a card Debra-style:

And moving along... do you know how curtain-hanging hardware costs tons of money nowadays? Well, back in the years when we had cable tv, I saw this terrific idea--just use copper pipes made for your home's plumbing--you can buy them at hardware stores:

They are much, much cheaper and I've been able to cut them easily with one of those rectangular hand-held saws (whose name escapes me).I left this one its natural copper color, but you can spray-paint them, too. Also, you can use pvc pipe (I think it's called)--it's white and comes in larger sizes. I don't always add finials, but these I found cheaply.

And if your house didn't come with old-fashioned decorative touches, you can always add your own. Salvage yards are popular, plus there are flea markets and junk shops and Ebay. Above the mirror, I found this plaster-of-paris medallion thing at a flea market for $1. The colors were perfect, but I just touched-up the chips a little.

And earlier I shared with you how I'm now facing some of my books outward on their shelves... To me, it's an added way to show artwork. Here are a few more examples which you'll find around my house:

The main thing? Just have fun with decorating... don't rush it, be willing to wait for some big things while you find joy in making little things... and don't feel pressured by trying to keep up with anyone. Let your home reflect yourself--and then it will reflect that you had fun creating it.

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