Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Houses For You

I love sharing my old-fashioned town with you. These houses are 6 or 7 blocks away from mine and as I walked past these today, I was catapulted back in Time (always time falls away when I take my walks).
While I snapped pictures for you, I looked up at all these houses and I wanted to come home, tie on an apron and bake apple pies while listening to Glen Miller's band. To sew pretty curtains for my windows and dust furniture with a scarf over my hair . I wanted to sit on the front porch wicker and read homekeeping magazines from the 1930's while sipping lemonade and greeting neighbors as they strolled by.

But then, my walks around here always make me want to do those things.

That's my life... and I am grateful for it.

P.S. These aren't even my favorite houses in that area... It was raining (seems it always rains when I take house pictures for you), so I cut my walk short. I'll post pictures from other houses hopefully soon...

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Pearl said...

For me just seeing these pictures of houses makes me want to move to a state where they have this many houses row after row. I live in town with maybe 30 of these old homes. How depressing for me, so when I get to see these beauties here I get to dream my own dreams. I love old homes!!