Thursday, September 21, 2006

Making What You Want

Our upstairs 'tower room' does not have a real closet. No, instead, it has a dark cave. A loooong, black cubby space that you can crawl into and hide boxes--boxes of stuff which you never look at. Boxes which mice could chew up into dust and you'd probably never even notice.

And well, our tower room is a guest room and a guest room is no good if it has no closet. So I made one. And if you were trying with all your might to figure out what in the world this is a picture of, well, now you know. It's our guest room closet and I made it out of an old pot rack which once hung, painted black, in our kitchen. But I painted it pink, and too, I hung a gold double-hook hanger just below it. Clothes can be hung from all these hooks by hangers or just by their necks. (And as I iron, I hang our clothes there, too, before putting them away.)

And voila! Our guest room now has a closet.

Long ago I learned that instead of just complaining about what I don't have, I should, instead, try to make it.

If I need a table, I can look around our house and shed and find something with which to make one. In fact, last week I lined up two tv trays then topped them with a table top I found in our shed. After covering it all with a damask tablecloth, I think it looks nice.

If I want to read books which our city library long ago judged as obsolete and then discarded, I should search in junk shops, book shops and thrift shops for those old books. (And now searching is extremely easier since I'm online.)

If I want a friend, I should go out and find one. Or better--go out and be one.

And on and on....

But the very, very worst thing I can do is to, instead, just mope around at home, murmuring and whining about not having what I need. God is always there to help me find what I need--but I can only hear Him when my dreadful complaining isn't drowning out His helpful voice.

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