Friday, September 08, 2006

The End of Vacation--The Beginning of More Fun

Tom and I have been on vacation. Well sort-of. Tom had eight days off and we went to, like, a million yard sales, a flea market and thrift shops and got take-out and ate out and took drives in the country and went and saw Invincible (loved it) and stayed up late and got groceries and went to the library and the video store (where we have a membership and the whole staff is our second family and never ask for our card) and watched documentaries and movies and visited with our daughter and curb-shopped and well, you get the idea...

But now after taking eight days off I find myself so ready to tackle all the projects I've let pile up. Already today I gathered some photos I've taken of our rooms in this house the past 13 years and I put them in an album. Man, I have painted many of our walls at least four different times in four different colors. There were times I made our dining room into a living room and our living room into a dining room. And as it now stands, our sunroom is our living room, our living room is our library and our extra bedroom is our family room. There's no law saying you must use your rooms the way a stranger designed them or like all your friends use theirs.

And well, I love all this. Especially in what feels like perfect autumn.

I am never happier than when I have a paintbrush in my hand and today I bought a gallon of black paint (mistake paint, so it was cheap) and after Tom leaves for work tonight I may start painting two of our 'hutches'--which aren't even hutches at all--just pieces of furniture (from the curb) stacked on top of each other. So there are two more projects.

And I'm not even mentioning how I've been turning our guest room upstairs into my craft studio (while keeping a corner of it our guest room, too). I've never shown you pictures, but I have an office up there, too, with a craft table--but it is all so very not cute. And I have seen way too many cute/clever/pretty craft rooms online by now--and well, there's no way to make mine cute--and besides I have too many projects to finish.

There's a wooden wall clock I want to paint white, green and pink and two wooden 1950's chairs I want to paint 1950's pink, not to mention a pot rack I want to paint that same color and then use it to hang clothes in our guest room, considering when I stayed up there during my parents' visit, I found it the most uncomfortable guest room ever created on this planet (I apologize if you are one of the unfortunate people who has ever stayed in that room!). And that is my other project--to make the guest room more comfortable for guests we almost never have. And did I mention I've been creating an exercise room up there and I've actually been working-out (with weights!) while watching Oprah on the little estate sale tv we bought last week for $2.50?

And it goes on and on.... all these projects, all these wonderful projects, I should say--wonderful only if I don't allow myself to wade into the Waters of Feeling Overwhelmed. And there's still my dollhouse to work on and our kitchen cupboards to finally (after two years) finish painting and the little guest room wall to paint green and make into a closet of sorts and the pink and white stripes I want to paint over in the closet of my dream room, the closet with the old hat boxes, purses and scarves.

If I ever finish any of these things, I'll try to post pictures. In the meantime, you'll know where I am.... not far away at all. In fact, did I mention I am so very behind in the email I owe everyone?

Life is good. And like I heard on a documentary last night--an elderly woman said if she had known she was, long ago, living the good old days, she would have appreciated them more. And well, who knows? These just may be my own good old days--and I am determined not to miss them.

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