Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Of Tower Rooms, Lessons & Favorite Songs

Well, this is going to be one big, disjointed jumble, I think...

Remember our upstairs guest/music/aerobics/craft/ironing/office room? Just today I came up with a better name for it (of course, anything is better than that long, rambling name!). It's now called The Tower Room. I realized while standing up there with all the light coming through the seven windows and the trees across the way and rooftops for as far as the eye can see, well, I feel as though I am in a tower. A nice one.

I'm trying to get better about replying to your comments. Maybe you've noticed that if I do reply to them, it takes me 2 or 3 days, which is well, what I call bad form. Maybe if I didn't wait till they all pile up, I could answer them sooner(!)

I've been remembering lately how I need to expect a lot from God, but not a lot from other people. I need to let people be who they are, especially if I want them to let me be who I am. (That sowing and reaping thing again.)Though yes, there's also a time for confrontation... just as there's also a time for simple, believing prayer when a change is desired. It's the knowing the right time for each that matters. Years ago my whole life became more peaceful when I just accepted that everyone in my life is the way they are. Period. And only God can change them, if He wants and if they want. Period. What freedom one feels when one stops playing Holy Ghost Junior! Trust me.

And along those lines, the verse, "Don't cast your pearls before swine," has been returning to me. Not that anyone in my life is a pig, but there are two people with whom I cannot share the things I love best. Almost invariably, they will stomp upon and crush those things I hold dear and I will be upset and hurt and will have to spend days shaking the whole thing off and hearing God say (albeit kindly), "I've told you not to do that, like, a million times."

Sigh. But at least there are only two people with whom I feel that way. If it was 20 or 200 I'd be concerned that I had become overly sensitive and wearing my feelings on my sleeve. And well, that is a horrible way to live--always getting your feelings hurt. Trust me-- I know about that one, too. But having learned down through the years to follow Grace around, I'm learning to go only where she goes, for when I do, Grace is always there to hand me, quickly, anything I need to not only survive, but survive with joy.

God's been reminding me that just because He has people living by a certain schedule it does not mean He wants me to live by the same schedule. He has a custom-made schedule made just for me--all that remains is for me to find it and follow it. And well, I know that. But sometimes I forget.

This is my 777th post. I think that's kind of neat.

I currently have two favorite songs which they play on Reach FM (my current favorite radio station). One of the songs is called Happy, by Ayiesha Woods. To listen to a little part of it go here and scroll down until you see the word Happy in the sampler. Considering how old and decrepit some of you in your 20's think I am (heh), you may be shocked that I like this kind of music. Actually, this is both Tom's and my favorite song--we are both young at heart, I guess.

My other favorite song is by Mat Kearney and is called Nothing Left to Lose. Go here and scroll down till you see Nothing Left to Lose in the sampler box. You will be sorry it's not longer (well, maybe, depending upon what kind of music you like). I love, love, love this song.


P.S. Oh wow! I just now noticed that Blogger put back the little pencil thing, the one that we can click on and be taken instantly to our post so to make changes. My, I hadn't seen that thing in over a year, I believe... I'd nearly forgotten what it symbolized!


"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our
dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." Martha Washington

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