Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back By Popular Demand

Many of you, (ok, a handful), wrote and said you loved seeing the houses in my town.... so..... here are some leftover pictures from Tuesday. Not wanting to overwhelm anyone, I didn't post all of them. Now you can imagine why I go to so many estate sales--I go simply to wander up and down the stairs of these kinds of houses and dream what it must have been like to have lived there for so many decades.

There are literally thousands of houses like these (to the left) back here in our state and in neighboring ones. It must have been a very popular style for families around the 1910's and 20's.

Oh, and see this tan house above? It's currently for sale for $89,900... in the lovely old neighborhood next to mine, the one where I love to walk nearly every day. It's wonderful living in a place where real estate is still sane (though I'll admit our taxes are beyond ridiculous). But still....

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