Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm glad that I try not to make decisions according to the way I feel.

Yesterday, if you would have walked into my yard and handed me a fistful of money as I yanked out giant squash plants, I'd have sold you this old farm. The house and the yard felt like too much. "The honeymoon with this place is officially over," I kept hearing inside my head (and well, it probably is).

But alas. Today I (finally) painted the closet area of our living room, rearranged a few things on our front porch and mowed part of the lawn. And well--today--I would tell you to keep on walking with your money. Today, Life here feels doable.

Oh, how important it is to listen to God in the deeper parts of my heart and not to my finicky feelings. My feelings are often all over the board, but I'm thankful that I, myself, am not yanked around with them (well, not constantly, anyway). That would be way too exhausting--and there's too much work to be done.

And I can't afford to let my changeable feelings exhaust me.


"Deep calls unto deep." ... Psalm 42:7


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Ah, Debra, I hope you have more days when it feels doable! You took on a huge enterprise, but I think you know how to move forward little by little! And find time to count your blessings everyday, even the ones that tire you out! I'm trying to find the blessing in my weeds! (Oh, yah, someone said it's a sign that my soil is good!Boy, is it ever!) A groundhog, greedy for dahlia buds, petunias and tomato leaves, smashed my St. Francis statue into hopelessly thousands of pieces, the one bought last year to replace my mother's which finally crumbled away after about 40 years of service in our family.All this animal life is sometimes discouraging, but it is also part of creation........I grit my teeth and am baiting my have-a-heart trap with the fresh pineapple my daughter says they prefer! But this is life, and life is good.

Pearl said...

Your place just gets more gorgeous all the time. It takes so much time but look at what you have. Beauty