Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sigh. It just didn't work out for me to take photos of the myriad old farmhouses yesterday on my way to the tiny supermarket. Long, whiny story. But here's the front of the house with the dreamy old tennis court behind it, but you can't see the tennis court nor the best angle of the house which is from its side. But I will try again another time, I promise. (Enlarge this to see the white picket fence, the hammock, the rock chimney and the old barn front beside an open field.)

In the meantime, here's the other side of my kitchen.

I've decided to leave this one wall green. For some splash of color? For variety? Well, yes. That, and because I'm sick of repainting these kitchen walls and I know when to say when... and when to follow Grace to the next room, where's she's waiting to help.

In other news.... I've mentioned here that I've felt stiffness in my joints since moving here. Part of it is due to working what one might call hard for the first time in years. And part of it is due to not eating right (we're still working on that). Yet I know the other part is that arthritis is trying to sneak up on me for it runs in my family.

So I did some more research online and discovered that, for some people, just by cutting out dairy products, they've been spared the effects of arthritis. And guess what? I've cut way back on dairy, having only a tiny bit of milk in my pretend coffee and in my bowl of cereal--and that's it. And I've noticed a big difference in how I feel. Even with all this painting and with all this (eternal) rain we've been getting--even on those days--the stiffness is not nearly as bad.

Hallelujah. So I'm throwing that little fact out to the universe in case it might help someone else.

And now it's time to return to life down on the farm.... and may your day be amazing.


Oh, and for those concerned about my calcium intake, I take a calcium/magnesium/zinc pill each night before bed (helps me sleep) and calcium can be found in vegetables, etc.(which I'm probably not eating, but thing at a time, ok?). :)

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Elizabeth said...

Thats a very pretty house! I really like the green in your kitchen! I am recuperating today from too much birthday cake last night.