Friday, August 21, 2009

You can be silly at Facebook. I like that.

Also? Facebook is an encourager's dream. On your home page you can read how your friends are going through a rough time and you can, with just a sentence or three, encourage them, tell them you are praying. All on one page. In just a couple minutes you can show compassion and help them feel like someone's standing beside them.

Today, though, I looked at one of my friend's Friend List and I saw some people who I also know. I thought, "Maybe I should reconnect with them."

But then I got this feeling, this, "No, unh-unh," feeling. And I swear I heard inside me these words, "Leave the Past alone."

Hmm. Leave all the Past alone? No, I was hearing leave those (good, delightful) people alone.

So ok, I thought. You don't have to tell me twice (well, not this time, anyway). I'll just reconnect with the friends You do want me to. I respect your knowing the whys and whats of why I should reconnect with some and not with others.

And as for those You, Lord, bring to my Friend List, I will encourage them. And sometimes, I'll be a little silly with them, too.



Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I love this! I actually re-connected with my son's first wife, who I always liked (they were just not right for each other) and I'm glad I did..but there are others..who like you..I shy away from. No sense opening up old wounds on either side..sort of like an annoying phone call out of the blue..I want to feel "ready" for the conversation :-)

Pat said...

I'm new to facebook, but feel the same way you do about it.

Dapoppins said...

I have been spending too much time on face book playing silly apps instead of leaving silly quips...

daisymarie said...

I have been careful about who I friend. I wrote a daily lenten devotional there. It really is a neat place to reconnect and encourage!

jodi said...

I had joined facebook mainly to reconnect with a friend from high school. Our last conversation (many, many years ago) was quite odd and she had been in my prayers. So to reconnect and find her doing well was nice to hear.

That said, we don't talk hardly at all.

On the other hand I've reconnected with cousins which has been nice. It all worked out in the end.

I think your wise for listening.

... Paige said...

God is amazing, he puts us where and when we need to be and those who we need.