Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You're Probably Already Hearing From God. A Lot.

"My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow Me"   ...  John 10:27


Remember when I told you I still read Nancy Drew books and don't care who knows it? Well, after that post, I realized I only own one of them(!) 

What's up with that?

So I ambled over to Ebay and immediately saw 22 Nancy Drew books for a 'buy now price' of only $22.

Well! That got my blood swirly-excited. Only a dollar each for copies of the same vintage that I'd read as a teenager.

Yet after my emotions calmed down, I 'heard', "Now, Debra ... Do you really neeeed 22 Nancy Drew books?"

Hmm. Er, uh, well, uhm, no. No, I do not.

Then I thought, why not buy the Red Gate Farm one (a favorite) in a grouping of 3 or 4? That sounds like enough.

So I scrolled down and that's exactly what I found.

And ok, so they're abridged (a client of Nancy's watched tv before bedtime? In 1930?!), but hey, the old-timey details are still there, as is the gorgeous cover art and the retro drawings inside. And I'm having a blast reading them.

No, I so did not need 22 of these books. And I'm thankful the Holy Spirit was kind enough to let me know that.

Another example? For years I'd drive into any supermarket parking lot, turn the car off then say/pray, "Help me make wise choices as I buy groceries."

Well, a few months ago as I did that, I 'heard' this, "Why not add, 'And help me  be a blessing to everyone I meet in there.'"?

Ohhh. I liked that. It's like 'coming up higher.' And now I always pray those words and look for ways to be a supermarket blessing.

Many Christians insist they can't hear from God. Perhaps they're waiting for the spooky stuff or? But see? I'll bet you probably hear from Him similarly like the ways I shared.

He speaks through our conscience, not by way of a deep, manly voice out of nowhere. He's there, speaking, when our conscience nudges us with, "Uhm, no. You shouldn't do that." "Don't go there." "Stop! Better not say those words."

Or, conversely, when He's poking us with, "Yes! Say that kind word." Or, "It's ok--buy that ____. You have the money for it." Or, "Don't be afraid. I love you." Or "Check on the kids. They're being awfully quiet."  :)

Hearing from God. It's more like ... 

Feelings you probably wouldn't have had on your own. 
Leadings. Guidings. Wisdom.
Your conscience in 3rd gear. But not in a heavy, condemning way.

And yes, when it's from God, it will match-up with what the Bible says. But the Holy Spirit wants to be minute-by-minute relevant to us, He wants to go deeper and nowhere in the Bible will you read, "You need to call your friend, Lisa, right now because she's contemplating suicide."

God wants us to be that tuned into Him. To be led by Him so that we'll always be in the right place at the right time, making godly choices when we get there.

It is a process. 
It takes giving-up being led by our head and human reasoning. 
And it takes time.

But always, it is worth every moment.


"But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things. And He will cause you to recall (will remind you of, bring to your remembrance) everything I have told you."   ... John 14:26

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."   ... Isaiah 30:21


A young woman who I taught way back in her Kids' Church Days, recently married and I especially LOVED one of her wedding photos. This one:

Is that awesome or what?!

(Photo by Lori Hopper Photos.)


Anonymous said...

Haven't we heard, as kids at least, of the "still, small voice"? I agree Debra...most of the time what we "hear" is more or less a nudge...an idea that comes when we are perhaps not even thinking of a subject, and at least in my experience, the louder voice will come when you are in the midst of a terrible crisis (such as occurred to me when I was hit on the highway by a fully loaded mack truck going 65 mph)!!
Elizabeth in WA

Anonymous said...

Last night I was nudged to turn off TV -again. Love the wedding photo. These kids! So. Relative.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, He still speaks. But how hard it is to listen and do. Thankfully He keeps me on track most of the time. And He picks me up with grace and mercy when I fall.
Getting older means more rest periods. At 71 I am finally working on that! Jan

Debra said...

Elizabeth--didn't know you'd ever been hit on a highway like that! So glad God kept you from being killed. (Shiver...!)

Anon-- I'm so happy that someone else loved the wedding photo! I thought it was so unique and a nice change from the usual pics. :) My young friend was always unique, even when I knew her at only 5 years old!

Jan--I think this is why God asks us for much quiet time with Him. So we can more easily hear Him away from the noise of the day. And yes! More rest periods. That's the only way to go for me. :)

Thanks, Everyone! ... Debra