Wednesday, June 04, 2014

When God's Behind Trees Watching For Your Smile

" ... your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."   ... Matthew 6:8


He certainly does.

So, for a year (or so) we'd toss recyclables into a mailing box beside our kitchen dresser, then I'd carry the filled box to the bin in the basement. The box was smallish, tearing and dullsville.

See, from The Red Couch for two weeks, I stared at that box and thought, "We so need something better, cooler there. Maybe something wicker-ish from an office store?" But I couldn't picture exactly what I wanted and I don't recall praying to find one (though maybe I did).

Well, this weekend at a yard sale, I spied the perfect thing:

Wow. I felt a little chill when I saw that in a driveway, almost looked around for God, Himself, behind a tree or something, because it seemed like He set it there just for me.  He's like that, you know, especially when you place all of your life into His hands.

He does know what we need even before we ask! And truly, He knows us better than we know ourselves, so why do so many people hesitate to ask Him into the driver's seat and live like this?:

"As for me, I am in your hands; do with me whatever you think is good and right."   Jeremiah 26:14

Never fear where God will take you. He'll only drive us to the places He specially designed for us to be, places that will grow us up and help us to help others in ways which will delight our deep-down heart.


Kristi asked the artist's name of my latest rummage sale find:

After searching online, I discovered her name was Cherry Jeffe Huldah and she lived from 1901 until 2001(!) Here's a bit of information about her and here are many of her charming paintings (love her art!). And now I'm wondering whatever happened to a couple small prints of hers I owned at Autumn Cottage. Hmm. Sometimes in our moves I really do become too ruthless.

I think I'll start believing that-- if I need more of Huldah's art--God will put those paintings around a few yard sales for me.  And maybe next time I'll actually glimpse Him from behind those trees.  :)


A local news team woman, a down-to-earth, just-like-your-neighbor lady, is leaving to spend time raising her three daughters. I felt a bit sad because she's a delight and her morning product tests are favorites of mine. 

Yet I tweeted her yesterday, told her she'd be missed, but that I applauded her decision and told her to enjoy her daughters because it all goes so fast.

She tweeted me back(!) and I felt so blessed. What a joy to encourage others!


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Judy said...

Oh, I sooo understand this!

Anonymous said...

Love those times when things we can use, appear without our praying even...or hardly even beginning to wonder about where or if to purchase!!
Elizabeth in WA

Terri Cheney said...

I KNOW Debra! I did a sort of mid-year checkup to see what I'd done in the house this year and I wrote in my journal, I was perfectly happy with all but the lack of curtains for my bedroom and only having two of the four needed shades in my breakfast/kitchen area.

Yesterday, I found two clearance cloth shower curtains in the perfect colors for my bedroom. PERFECT. I just need to sew a rod pocket across the top since I don't want to hang them with clips. AND today I was digging about in my purse and realized I had a $25 gift card which would buy one shade and then found a 'hidden' bit of money that was $25. Shade number 2! I thanked God for these blessings yesterday. It makes me feel very specially cared for when He does this.

Debra said...

Judy-- *knew* you'd understand! :)

Elizabeth--sounds like we're on the same page!

Terri--that is amazing how well everything worked out for you to buy everything! Isn't it fun when that happens?!

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra