Saturday, June 28, 2014

The New Window

"Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry ..."   ... James 1:19


I am mesmerized.

From my lazy place upon the couch I can recline and, on 'a big screen,' now see the river flow and boats float back and forth and seagulls circle and water skiers and riders on bicycles and walkers cross this 'screen' and cars drive past and four huge trees with leaves fluttering in breezes and honeysuckle blooming upon the hedge and doves zipping past to the feeders. It's like watching a silent movie in color with captions I write inside my head.

Oh, this new picture window just feels so right, like it should have been placed in that wall 83 years ago. I know ours is a kit house, but if only the owners had opted for a larger window there they could have also been enchanted as I am. A little old couple lived in Hobbit Cottage for many years and oh how much they missed!

And more? The window's white frame turned into one of those divine, meant-to-be mistakes (making me doubly thankful that I didn't freak-out about it. Whew.). The woodstain would have too much 'broken up' our tiny living room, felt too jarring and you know? There's no need to buy white paint at Home Depot, for in late afternoon, the unfinished wood trim so nearly matched the wall and looked perfect to these old eyes. Soon I'll paint both picture window frames the same light yellow of the walls so that nothing will detract from the scene beyond the glass.

Sometimes the simplest of changes can make you feel a brand new way. May I remember that and not become one of those people who hisses to everyone that she hates change... and thus misses out on so much.

                                         Really, the walls are a pale yellow, though they nearly never look that way in photos. Sigh. Oh, and I'll probably keep the dark green Morris chair out of there over the summer. I'm enjoying the airier feeling.


Oh, the dust which coated our rooms! Window Guy (who appears 3 minutes away from retiring) groaned when he discovered that outer wall is made of slat wallboard, said it'd been years since he'd run into that. He grumbled many more times to his co-workers, but in a good-natured way (and did not swear, at least aloud) and all our furniture turned white beneath the dust. I had to majorly clean afterward, but didn't mind in all the excitement of our new window and getting my life house back. 

Oh, and one of the window guys looked and spoke like Jim Caviezel and that certainly made ol' Debra smile. He was the last guy left (after six hours with a team of men) and asked for some cleaner and paper towels so he could wash the window from the outside for me (which I thought was a very Jim Caviezel thing to do. heh.)


Yesterday I told you I'd show you the new kitchen window, but I lied. :) The glass shelves haven't yet arrived so I'll wait until they do.


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And Georgene--happy birthday!


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Rosemary said...

Oh, wow, Debra...I love your new window. Your white trim "mistake" actually looks very fresh and airy and makes your living space appear even larger. I want to paint my walls a butter color similar to yours. What paint did you use?

Anonymous said...

Debra! How great that you got a new window!! What a wonderful idea :) We have thought about making our big window in the living room, even bigger... but I'm afraid it would be uber expensive, so we never seriously looked into it.

Anonymous said...

How nice that you are pleased with it!! And yea, a little paint can indeed make things so much nicer!! And painting is rather fun to me...I did a plenty at daughter's old house...and was glad when she told me to quit. Heh. Ole gray mare needs some rest.

Pam said...

Debra, the window looks great, and I'm sure you'll truly enjoy the views it provides. Hope you and Tom spend many happy moments gazing at the water!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Beautiful!! I love lots of light and the window trim looks great!

Debra said...

Rosemary--thanks! The paint is called Inviting Ivory and is from Sherwin Williams. It looks a bit more yellow in person--on my computer it usually looks too peachy tan--ack! :) Thanks again.

Susan-- thank-you and oh! Can you get a free estimate so that you'll know how much a larger window would cost? Ours was pretty expensive, alas, but oh.... I'll always be extremely grateful that we took this plunge for it makes me love this whole house more!

Elizabeth--yep, the way I look at it is that I'm always painting something so I may as well paint the new window frame! :)

Pam--thanks! I can barely take my eyes away from the scene outside the window even when I'm watching tv. I love it so much!

Robin--yes! The extra light is wonderful, also. I love the window trim, too, eve without it being painted yet! :)

Thanks, Everyone! ... Debra