Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let's Visit Stillmeadow Today

Today I am doing things differently at Hobbit Cottage and calling it a vacation day. I awoke at 3:00 a.m., came downstairs to feed the cats, turned on the computer, watched bits of The Closer in the living room and drifted back to sleep on the couch. Then climbed the stairs and back into my oh-I-love-this closet where I took a nap until 6:30, a more reasonable hour to rise.

And as I continue to mix things up a bit around here, I'll send you over to one incredible post, indeed, by Susan Branch. My fellow fans of Gladys Taber will LOVE what you see! (Keep scrolling down. You'll get there.) 

Oh my goodness! And here's a big thank-you to my buddy, Susan N., for emailing me the heads up.

It'll take you awhile to read that post so get going! :) Anyone can have their own Stillmeadow of the heart, I believe, and now I'm off to enjoy a vacation at mine.


I've been reading Gladys' Stillmeadow books since 1986 and one of the best things about going online was finally finding others who loved these books as well!


Free Kindle book as of today, June 24th:



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the linked article. Thanks!
Elizabeth in WA

Dolores said...

A million thank yous for the link to Susan Branch's site. I wanted to step through my computer screen into Gladys Taber's house!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I read her blog post on Saturday and thought of you! How exciting for her to get a personal tour and take us all along with her!

Anonymous said...

Susan Branch has lovely pictures. Gladys is just the best! I can imagine someone finding her for the first time and having to read every book, right away,lol.
Stillmeadow, with the dogs running to greet you at the gate and cats on the windowsill-bliss. Joyce

Debra said...

Elizabeth--glad you enjoyed it! Have you read the Stillmeadow books? I think you'd like them. They're very calming and always make me appreciate what I have.

Dolores--oh me, too! But even so, I still felt as though I'd actually visited there after seeing those photos. So glad you enjoyed our trip, too! :)

Robin--I love that you thought of me when you saw the Gladys photos (fun!) and wasn't that a great visit we all had with Susan? :)

Joyce--another rabid Gladys fan like me! :) And yes! I'm hoping even more of my readers will now go and read a couple Stillmeadow books. The more the merrier, right?

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra