Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just Places to Go

Peonies! God's easiest flowers to grow. :)


For those who prefer to farm vicariously through people who know (and love) what they're doing, you'll enjoy this.

I've been majorly updating my Hobbit Cottage Album (though a couple photos are still pretty old). Go here if you'd like to take a peek.

To receive a free cat food sample in the mail, copy and paste this in your address bar:

SavingStar's healthy offer of the week: 20 percent off of loose mangoes.


Free Kindle books as of today, June 12th:

Alaska Bound: One Man's Dream ... One Woman's Nightmare (I can't put this one down. It's one of my favorite genres.)

Guitar Adventures

Texas Whirlwind

Summer on the Mountain

Our Kids: Building Relationships in the Classroom

Super Cowboy Rides

200 Humorous Tweetable Quotations

Tom was able to come home early from work yesterday and spoke with his sister on the phone and then his mom, who he said sounded great, all things considered ...

Thanks so much for your prayers ...


"Go Big because someday we Go Home." ... Ann Voskamp

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Pam said...

Debra, thinking of and praying for Tom's mom. Also asking God to prepare you and your loved ones for whatever lies ahead. Hugs.