Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here We Go Again

When Tom arrived home in March from South Africa, he told me he'd return there around June 20th. That sounded like forever away, so I didn't allow my pretty little head to even think about it. And then when the trip got pushed back (twice) to sometime in July (making Tom wonder if he'd be going at all), I thought about it even less and went along my merry way.

Well. Tom came home from work on Friday and announced that he's leaving for South Africa this Wednesday. June 18th.

Good grief.

Talk about being jerked around, shifting gears and suddenly traveling in a whole different direction! And oh, the ironing and washing I must do and the running around Tom must do and the steadying of our heads for our separation--

Ack! I do not like spontaneity and changing my plans and--once again--being the only person in my little family in the United States. For yes, once more, Naomi will be traveling with her band to Europe at the very same time. (What are the odds?)

Of course, it's a plot. The world plotting against me.


No, what it is, is a test. Another of God's tests so I'll see what I've learned and remembered (or what I've skipped or forgotten) and have/have not put into practice. How I handle disappointment and acceptance. And how quickly I rely upon God and His ways of thinking rather than my own. 

Also, a test to see how far I have left to go before being the patient, trusting, contented person He wants me to become here on Earth.

God has a plan for Tom, Naomi and myself and may each of us plug into it and do and learn and become the people He's designed us to be. And may my contentment in Him always be stronger, brighter than any complaints.


So as a farewell to normalcy for awhile, Tom and I went to yard sales yesterday and oh! One was an estate sale in a big old house where the people had lived forever, which is my favorite kind, for it goes beyond just an estate sale and becomes rather like visiting a vintage museum house inside a time capsule. An event for ol' retro-loving Debra.

Anyway, look what I found there for only $7.50:

I'd wanted a spiffy old table like that ever since I saw Judy's years ago (additional space for my books!) and it anchors my room just right and the amazing thing? I'd spent hours last week looking online for the perfect table for that spot, but decided to wait.


"And you shall [earnestly] remember all the way which the Lord your God led you these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and to prove you, to know what was in your [mind and] heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not."   ... Deuteronomy 8:2

May I not become a worried, whining crybaby, but rather, a warrior.


Happy Father's Day to all dad's either still here or far away! This is the first year in over 35 that I've not mailed any Father's Day cards. It's a good thing that this is true:

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants."   ... Psalm 116:15


Clarification! Tom and I are fine with this latest S. African trip. It was just the suddenness that annoyed us. In fact, only last week I kept thinking that I need a vacation and now I will get one--and frankly I'm a bit excited!


Oh! forgot to add the SavingStar Friday freebie sooner: It's a Quaker instant oatmeal cup, 1.51 - 1.79 oz. size, excluding Real Medleys. This offer will be good until midnight tonight.  


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Anonymous said...

Oh dear sorry Debra. Indeed, in this day especially, this is a test!!I hope you all will be ok. I hope he will not be gone so long this time!! And that things will go ok for your daughter too. Always plenty to keep us on our "prayer bones" isn't there?

Thanks for sending links for free books...yep, the other day we found and bought a paperwhite kindle. Best price hubby had now working to learn how to use it!! Waiting however for the screen protectors to arrive...imagine selling it without them? I do scratch my head in wonder at how some retail places are these days...

Blessings on all you have to do to prepare for his trip. I would imagine you have lists from last time to help?
Elizabeth in WA

Debra said...

Aw, Elizabeth... I think I need to make my post sound more upbeat, because --now--I'm fine. It's just the suddenness of it all that made me crazy because really, I'm not a spur of the moment person.

But really, just last week I was thinking I need a vacation and so, what perfect timing when I look at it that way! Tom will be gone just as long this time, 6 or maybe 7 weeks, but now I'll have beautiful weather to drive around in and I can work in the yard, etc. instead of sitting around during the worst winter in some years. But even those weeks felt so blessed with God and Grace and the cats so I know all will be well!

Congrats about your kindle! Can't wait until you can use it and have a whole other library on there! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

A sudden change in plans certainly can up end us as we grow older. I'm glad you regained your equilibrium and are moving forward joyfully.

Anonymous said...

Well, that would be a long vacation, wouldn't it? Other than being alone at night, I did not mind the times hubby was gone on business trips...but his were usually no more than a week. When we were in the NAVY...months was so very long. Of course, now we have Skype...thankfully!!! Guess you COULD take a little side trip to see daughter when she returns too, eh?

By the way, your table is very cute...a real steal I think!! It goes well with the age of your house I think. I would be happy with it too!!
Elizabeth in WA