Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whatever There Is To Do...

I awoke with this older post on my mind this morning. Here is one of those amazing, life-altering ideas which changed everything for me once it became a part of who I am.


The book, It's Incredible, told this story: Ann Kiemel went to interview a 72-year-old woman, an artist, and found her doing some landscaping in her backyard. Lifting big rocks, to be exact. The woman told her that she loved to garden and when Ann asked her what was her favorite thing in Life, the woman replied, "Manure. Because everything grows so well in it."

And then Ann asked the woman what kinds of things she disliked, as in chores such as washing dishes or vacuuming or making beds.

The elderly woman frowned. "Dislike? Whatever there is to be done--I like it!"

Oh my... I read that when I was a young mother in my 20's and wham! That one sentence proverbially hit me right between the eyes. Back then, I disliked half my chores, most of my errands and all of my appointments.

But when I read that one page in Ann's book, I immediately wanted to be like that artist--not just when I reached my 70's, either--but starting right away.

Be careful what you desire.

In the 20 years since that day, that desire has taken me on one mighty long adventure. I've had to let God change my attitude about housework, errands and everything else known as 'work' or inconvenience. I've needed to release dreading things and to cease complaining, both which yank me backward a few steps. I've had to pull every speck of Good from simple things while also seeking to enjoy this long journey called Loving Every Day. 

I've learned how to remain in Grace and God's presence while doing what must be done. And it's all been so worth it.

They say 90% of our lives is made up of Everyday Stuff, the simple (or complicated) daily, mundane 'grind.' So if you hate your ordinary days, well, you are hating 90% of your life(!) 

The other 10% is the fun things-- parties, vacations and days at the beach type of activities. I'm almost to the point--after 20 long years--where I, too, can say, "Whatever there is to to be done-- I like it!" I'm almost to the point where I enjoy 100% of my life.

Well, almost. These things take time, you know. :)

But I've discovered that, for me, there's no better, richer way to live.


"So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work..." ... Ecclesiastes 3:22


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Elizabeth said...

So very nice, I strive to do that also Debra, some days are easier than others!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Ann...I was in her dad's church when she was in college...for a little while...then again hubby and I were in his church in another location where our first child was born. Some of the lovliest people on earth!! SUPER!! Ann is much like her parents in my opinion!!

Elizabeth in VA...

Saija said...

this reminded me of something a missionary said - years and years ago ... which has stayed with me ... it's about doing dishes ... back in the day, when dishwashers weren't in every home (i just got one 6 years ago, here at the condo!)women would complain about all the dishes there were ... this missionary said that she saw dishes as a blessing - it meant there was enough food to make them dirty, enough plates to have many family/friends around the table and the health to wash those dishes ... so for over 50 years i've enjoyed doing dishes, because by doing them - i can count my many many blessings! (hugs)