Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gifts For Those Who Love Home Inspiration

Oh! Some of you home-lovers will enjoy these gifts I gathered just for you today:

After this video, I felt as though I'd traveled to a gorgeous river in summer time (gotta love that). The couple's deck, floating garden, writing cabin, potato garden, bedroom and, well--all of it inspired me.

I did have to smile, though, when she stated something like, "There's a simplicity to living off-grid." She said that while my eyes were still glazed over from all the complicated details they'd had to take care of in order to do so!

Tom and I could never live this way, but for whatever reasons, we do love watching other people who do.

This young man will restore your hope in teenagers. A kid who's actually thinking ahead to his future! Didn't know there still was such a Loved the desk in the bay window, the siding, his proud grandpa, the boy's tenacity and the cleverness of the whole darn project.

From Scratch Magazine

Oh wow! The premier issue of this farm magazine is nearly like seeing a free issue of Mary Jane's Farm online. Gorgeous photography and informative articles for those who farm in reality or mostly inside their heads (like me). :) A special thanks to Robin for sharing this with me via Facebook!

Photos From Beverly Cleary's Childhood Home

And if you've enjoyed Beverly Cleary's books, especially her autobiographies, you'll love seeing photos of her childhood Portland, OR home. What a sweet house! Thank-you, Sara, for sharing this link with me at Facebook!

These gifts should keep you all busy awhile. Enjoy your Thursday whether you have sun or snow or something in between....


Oh! Did anyone else watch The Middle last night? The way the kids' project presentation came together was one of the most hilariously clever high school moments, ever. Laughed till I cried and even chuckled about it all the way up the stairs to my room.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to watching these links..thanks. We love to watch TV shows like Property Brothers, Love It or List It too...such fabulous ideas!! Makes us wish we were younger and healthier so we could tackle doing such things. Oh well...we get the joy of watching and being happy for those who do get to do such things!!

Elizabeth in VA

Julie nliT said...

Love these, Debra! It's remarkable that the little home on the trailer is much like the tiny mountain cabins that miners put up here in the mountains over 100 years ago. Basic one room. I have been aware, for several years, of a man who offers plans for such tiny houses on wheels:

Also, please check out this man's "hobbit" abode in Oregon.
Here's a video tour of his home:

Pat said...

What a treat! I watched each video and looked at the magazine! That sure is a lot of prep to live on the water..more power to them, I could never make it up those stairs to tend that potato patch, but I admire them for doing it!
Oh that young man and his tiny house. Very inspiring!

Debra said...

Elizabeth--when Tom and I had 'real cable' for a few months in 2010, those were the types of shows I enjoyed, too. Since we just have 'baby cable' again I always get pretty excited when I find fun videos online for free! :) Hope you enjoyed the videos and magazine!

Julie--thanks for the link to Dan with the Hobbit house. That was very, very cool! I think I've already been to the site with the guy who makes the tiny houses, but I'll check that one out this evening to make sure. Thanks again! I love seeing alternate ways of living

Pat--so glad you enjoyed the links! Oh, and I know... when she was talking about how careful they have to be with the water (and all the other adjustments they made) I wondered how she could say any of that life was simple. :) But I guess you get used to things after awhile. And I thought the same things about all those stairs! :) Loved her floating gardens, though, and maybe I could handle those. Maybe. heh.

Thanks for commenting, Everyone! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

I thought the youtube about the people living on the lake in BC was amazing...heh, but I got sidetracked on some of the other links on the right side...and still have not looked yet at the other links you posted!! Eventually...thanks for the links.
Elizabeth in VA