Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday With A Different Spin

So as I always tell you every single Good Friday, I hope you didn't come here expecting to hear the ol', "Don't be unhappy--- Sunday is coming!" thing.

Uh, no. 

I simply cannot put Jesus back in the tomb all over again, for I can't, not even for 2 minutes (and especially not for a whole Friday and Saturday!) imagine waiting around for Him to rise again, living without Him in the meantime. 

My relationship with Jesus is moment-by-moment, He's more of a real friend to me than any of you are, even (no offense) and I believe this is why I've not had one single desert experience over the last 20 years ( a desert? With He who is the Living Water? How does that even work?). It's because Jesus knows that--without a very real sense of His constant presence--I'd be a disaster, a basket case and Life would be all wrong and senseless and lonely and well, dreadful.

And He didn't die so that I (or anyone else) could switch from a worldly misery to a Christian misery. ( I know too many bummed-out Christians. It's sad.) No, Jesus died to give us abundant, overflowing, joy-infused Life. And that's what He, alone, gives me. Minute by minute.

So today, yes, I'll recall Jesus' amazing sacrifice on the cross, but oh! Mostly I'll remember that He has already risen-- He has risen, indeed!


Before you go.... Guess who got these groceries for her basement stockpile today for only $5.04? Woo hoo!

And I discovered today that there's a food pantry quite near my house so now I'll be able to drop off my extras very easily--yay! Don't you just love all the good you can do with sales and coupons?


Oh! This was so very old-fashioned: At the Smuckers website (scroll down) you can get the mailing address for two free recipe booklets. You then send them a post card and ask for a booklet to be mailed to you. Isn't that cute and very reminiscent of the Old Days?


"Why do you seek the living One among the dead? "He is not here, but He has risen."   ... from Luke 24


Happy Easter to each of my kind readers!!



Robin in New Jersey said...

Looks like you got a bit of spam there in your comments, Debra!

Debra said...

Robin--yeah... they slip through once in awhile. I took care of it. :) Blessings Debra