Saturday, March 02, 2013

Not Moving, But Big Changes Ahead


Tom's new job (as of April 1st) means no more graveyard (night) shift. It gets tiresome for ol' Debra to do her heavy housework before 7 a.m., then tiptoe around the house all day trying to keep the whole world quiet, then finishing housework after 7 pm.. Off and on for decades.

And of course for Tom it's tiresome working those 12-hour shifts while other people sleep and then (try to) sleep when everyone's driving their noisy rattletraps past our windows awake. 
So the one week day-shift/the next week night-shift thing, is finally over. Thank-goodness. 

He'll be working Monday through Friday, 8-hour shifts which will practically feel like a vacation. 
It's an office job involving research and forming new policies and teaching, (with power point, even), all that he's learned from decades of power plant work.

But this job will involve travel, also, something he enjoyed back in the 90's and early 2000's and he might be gone anywhere from two days to two weeks at a time.

So! Huge changes there

Already I'm grateful for little Hobbit Cottage here in the center of shops, diners, the library and river park, for Tom can just drive himself to the airport, leave the car there (I only do city traffic if I must) and I'll be free to walk everywhere. Walking! Something ol' Debra needs so to get her sorry body back into shape.

Of course, now the temptation is to make all sorts of activity plans for while he's away--but I'll refrain. Instead, I'll wait upon God for His ideas for they're the only ones which arrive packaged with all the strength, inspiration and commitment needed to finish what's begun. His plans produce godly, lasting results which matter here and in Heaven and are the only ones I desire to keep me busy.

So even though we're staying put, we'll be living a much different life. And with God's help, we'll succeed in this new challenge.


And so to reiterate (easing the questions buzzing inside your head) ... Yes, Tom has traveled before for work--I'm thinking 9 days was the longest time. (He's inspired now to actually use his gym membership rather than just pay for it so to prepare for traveling. heh.) And yes, while he was away I did fine and became--more independent, you ask? Nope, more dependent upon God. To me, that's ever so much better.


With a God Plan, you can accomplish more in ten minutes than you could in ten years using your own idea.


Thanks for your congratulations! We appreciate them.


One of my new goals? To work up to walking here, our favorite outdoor place to eat:

It's 1.34 miles away, which isn't too bad... except that I'll have to walk back home, too. heh.

Oh, and the fancy movie theater is 1.30 miles away through pleasant neighborhoods and past two elementary schools so a walk to a matinee is feasible, also.


Oh! Nearly forgot... Tom and I watched another fascinating documentary through the instant section at Netflix: Appalachian Trail. So interesting and we learned all sorts of things we didn't know before.



Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This does sound like a dream job, Debra! I'm so happy for Tom (and you, too!).

And happy that your Hobbit House days will continue.

Peace to you both! And joy!

Lori Alexander said...

My husband has always traveled for work so I am use to it. God is my protector and I rest in that. So happy he got a "regular" job. God is so good. Your town sounds amazing!

Dolores said...

Congratulations Tom! Good luck with your new job.

Echoes From the Hill said...

My husband has always traveled, and it just becomes a way of life. You will enjoy your time alone, and Tom will enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. You will both be happy to see each other when he gets home.
Wish I could walk to that diner with you!

Tracy said...

So happy for you & Tom! Your lives are such an adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

Debra, what exciting news!! Having done 12 hour night shifts myself, I know what a drag they can be and how tired I always felt. I'm so happy that Tom found his dream job and it is DAY shift! Awesome! You are right, 8 hours will seem like a breeze compared to 12's. I do 12's and envy the lucky ones that get to leave after 8 :) The travel sounds like fun too, and depending on the place, you might even go along now and then?!
I admire how you two trust God so completely with your lives.... and now Tom has found his "dream job". So happy for you both!!
big hugs,

Anonymous said...

My hubby worked a tremendous amount of shiftwork too (Navy, nuke plant,& navy ship yard) and it was such a relief when that era of life passed!! I imagine you both will feel so much better on a regular schedule. I hope Tom manages ok with the travel!!
Elizabeth in VA now...

Bonnie said...

That's a good goal....working up to walking to a fun lunch...then working the calories off on the way home. Good thinking making it have a little reward built in.

My husband used to travel (navy career) when the kids were little. I always went into a slightly different mode, and it all worked out. Just needed to rely on friends for minor house emergencies. It's so nice that Tom can find a new job of interest at our age. (*mature*, I mean. lol)

Anonymous said...

Know just how you feel trying to let them sleep while being home with kids too. Done that years too. Poor guys , trying to get enough sleep then they switch shifts too. :( Sounds like God might have Tom out and about and I imagine his attitudes and such will show the new people how God works through him too of course. Sort of 'spreading the word'. Can't help but put myself in your new soon shoes. Sounds marvelous to walk to town again. I am so happy to hear all your small town adventures. I miss living them. Now I am planted a different place so must bloom here. Thanks for the town photos! I have even remembered on awakening I have included some of them in my dreams! Sarah