Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Around My House Today

The times, they are a changin'! Anyone else noticing that?

And well, you know how we have different seasons in our lives? This, it appears, is my Preparation Season. 

Preparing for what, you ask? Anything. Everything. Any type of huge change in our Country, any new way we must learn to live, any disaster. Preparing mentally, physically, financially. Doing what I can, feeling stronger nudges, especially, with each new threat from those meanie North Koreans or after any news story from a host of other countries who despise us. Or after any perusal of Last Days-type blogs.


And mega readying myself emotionally. Standing closer to Jesus everywhere I go, be it upstairs, downstairs, at the store or on Main Street or in the yard. Listening and receiving love, comfort, strength and hope. And trying my very best to obey Him in easy times so it'll be second nature in difficult ones.

And remembering that preparation must come before a change, lest one find herself frantically trying to adjust to changes.... or just sinking beneath feelings of being overwhelmed.

Just in case you wondered what I've been up to lately.


Did you know you can sign-up at the Dunkin Donuts website and they'll mail you a post card around your birthday for a free medium drink of your choice? 

I finally used mine today and now I'm sitting here sipping my free medium decaf latte. Yum. When the woman behind the counter handed me my drink she said, "Have a very happy birthday!" and I smiled real big and told her, "Thank-you!," leaving out the part where my birthday was ten days ago. heh. But I thought her quite thoughtful to wish me a happy birthday, especially since the place was positively zoo-like.

But then, Buffalonians are like that and I am determined not to miss one single blessing God floats down to me in my lifetime. Not one will I ignore.


Oh! And just moments ago I discovered some youtube episodes with Coupon Mom. They are delightful and inspiring. Love.


Tom has just two more night-shifts left on his old job, so last night he made his locally-famous chicken burritos (but turned them into enchiladas, instead, he told me this morning) and everyone adored them. The list of what he needed to feed these 20+ folks was huge, but the cool thing? I already had 80% of the items here in my stockpile and freezers thanks to sales shopping + couponing. Love having cheap groceries on hand, but then, you already knew that.


Oh! And I figured out why I love those flash mob videos like Best Coin Ever Spent. I'm thinking Heaven will be sooo much like that! Both spontaneous and rehearsed bursts of songs and dance and joy in the (golden) streets in honor of our most amazing God! Those videos seem nearly like peeks into Heaven's windows... happy sigh...

Top 7 Flash Mobs of All Time


We have crocuses, the sun is shining again today and I think I finally heard a robin up in a tree--hooray!



"Noah walked with God."   ... Genesis 6:9

"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!"   ... Psalm 95:1



Bonnie said...

You have crocuses - yay!!!

I love free things on my birthday. Google it and you'll find many things. I really like a free car wash.

Ugh...North Korea. Don't worry too much. My sweet husbands specialty used to be North Korea. (US Navy Captain, RET) They don't do anything that we don't know about first.

Again, crocuses - yay! Were there some planted at the new house or did you put them in? After we left WNY we drove down to Harrisburg and there were oodles of daffodils. Beautiful. Gosh..I hope I'm not repeating myself. lol.

Pat said...

Always an encouraging word to be found here...I just love that.
I also didn't know that people from Buffalo were called Buffalonians.
Encouragement and wisdom...all one could ask for!

Debra said...

Bonnie--thanks! I'll have to let Tom know about the free car wash. He's always taking ours to be washed! :)

And with the way I'm feeling lately? If it won't be North Korea that attacks us, it will be someone else. Something big is coming.... I just feel it in my bones! But I guess it's all the N. Korean threats which keep reminding me to prepare for anything since they make those threats, like, every single day now. :)

But anyway, I keep preparing and that helps keep my hands and mind busy with good things, especially since I'm feeling a strong sense that I'm obeying God with it all at this time.

Pat--thank-you so much for always being sweet and encouraging! And yes! We really are Buffalonians. Nobody here will even get mad at you if you use that term. It's all over the place like our local news, etc. :)

Thanks, Ladies!! ... Debra