Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Great Deals & Free Food (Or Sometimes It Pays to Procrastinate)

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So! Remember when we found this like-new 'electric woodstove' for just $10 at a yard sale? Well, as Tom predicted, I eventually stole it for Debra's World upstairs. But hey, it saved us lots of money that way--we didn't need our big natural gas heater nearly as often.

Yet many times I carried that stove downstairs (backwards--it's easier that way) on days when Tom and I watched movies together or on afternoons when sunshine spilled all over the dining room table and I'd sit there and read. But really, 54-year-old ladies ought not to carry stoves backwards down stairs, so we planned to buy another one at Home Depot.

Yet we kept procrastinating, mostly since it's just been too cold to go anywhere one didn't absolutely neeeed to go.

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

Remember how I've encouraged you to sign-up with a few of your local coupon bloggers? Well, yesterday one of mine went to Rite Aid where she found a heater nearly identical to ours marked down to just $29.99 from $119.00. I thanked her (through her Facebook page) and told her I'd certainly go heater hunting today! So guess what I found at our local Rite Aid? The very last heater on the shelf and for just $29.99.

Tom said he's very proud of me. Happy sigh. :)

And no more carrying a heater up and down the stairs. Whew.

Want to see more good deals and free groceries?

4 Palmolive:  .50 cents each (Dollar Tree w/ last Sunday's newspaper coupon. I bought 1 extra issue.)

Colgate toothpaste:  Free (store coupon from my last trip and sale)

19 Duncan Hines Frosting Flavor mix-ins: Free (online coupons have reset like crazy for 2 months! These can be used to flavor homemade ice cream, etc.)

2 Luna Fiber Bars: Free (online coupons)

4 Simply Mashed Potatoes: .50 cents each (online coupons and sale)

Land O' Lakes Butter: $2 each and I'll be getting another one free through the mail. (Online coupons, sale, and online refund form.)

Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles: .50 cents each (earlier Sunday newspaper coupon and sale).

2 Seafood Snackers: free (I've gotten 8 free with online coupons and they make wonderful crab pasta salad).

Paper towels:  free (store coupon) I was actually paid .11 cents to take this out of the store.

Cracker barrel cheese: $1.50 each (online coupon and sale)

International Delight creamer: .24 cents each (online coupon with a close-out price)

To buy these at full price would have cost around $73

I paid:$12.50

And this photo doesn't even show other recent great deals: 

3 free Earthbound organic lettuces
2 free Reynolds Wrap foil
1 free seltzer water (was paid .21 cents to buy this) 
Another International Delight creamer for .24 cents 
2 more free Luna fiber bars 
4 free Birds Eye frozen vegetables and--

It's great fun buying groceries for 1970's prices and even getting lots of them for free. Great. Fun.


Only last week did I discover the pilot episode online of Extreme Couponing. I really like Joyce on that episode. She'd be a blast to know in-person and I highly admire her for giving coupon lessons to all of her fellow shoppers in the store aisles! Gee, I wish I was brave enough to do that. I am, though, considering teaching a free couponing class in my home someday. That would be great fun, also.


"... Freely you have received; freely give." ...   Matthew 10:8


Why share these types of money-saving posts sometimes? So to spread hope that yes! God can still help us buy groceries and other items cheaply in today's extremely expensive world.


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Anonymous said...

I started giggling reading your l o n g list of coupon deals! Every time I thought I had read the last I scrolled down to more!!!! LOL How fun!!!! To quote Laurance Welk...Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!!!! And now with the second heater, no matter where you sit and cut out your coupons you will be warm!!!! :) Sarah