Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Twilight Zone Moment

Question: What is wrong with this picture?

Answer: It was taken on this First Day of Spring. Ack. Not one hopeful sign of Springtime anywhere out there. 

To live in snow country, you must be brave, rugged, patient and able to encourage yourself in the Lord like King David did. :)

And that's all I'll say about that.


So! On Monday, Tom and I arrived at the medical complex for one of his back injections. This always means a 3-hour wait for me which I don't mind during lovely weather when I can relax outside in the car with coffee, snacks, books and opened, breezy windows and happy blue skies. Those are practically like days at the beach for me.

But these wintertime injections are never what you'd call beach-like. 

This medical complex is large and lovely, but oh! The waiting areas in the halls and front garden room portion... They are dark, hard to read in, for they have only recessed canned lights dotting the ceiling like mini stars. People walk around these areas all squinty-eyed, searching for room numbers. 

And you'd think the garden area with the huge window walls and plants would be bright, but noooo. Though they do have amazing you'll-fall-asleep-if-you're-not-careful black chairs, the windows face north, the floors are deep brown and the ceilings also have those mini star-like lights. 

One word describes this place: dark.

Anyway, I kissed Tom good-bye at his doctor's office then stepped down the shadowy hall to the mini bistro where I bought a decaf, then over to the vending machine for honey-roasted peanuts. Then I sat my purse and heavy book bag (with 4 terrific books) and coffee down upon a table, removed my coat, took a sip of probably the best decaf I've had in months and then realized with horror that I'd forgotten to bring my reading glasses.

And that's when I had my Twilight Zone Moment.

Remember that original TZ episode where the Earth is destroyed and only one man survived? And yet while walking in the midst of the crumbled-down city library he realizes one amazing thing: all those thousands of books belong to him and now, finally, he has all the time in the world to just read every incredible book ever written. 

Now, instead of facing a catastrophe, he's feeling gleefully blessed.

But as he reaches down for the first book, his glasses slip, fall, and shatter on some rocks. And he cannot read without them.

Heh. That scene suddenly appeared to me while I sat there at the table with four books, three hours, two dark rooms and no reading glasses.

But ol' Debra tried to keep her sense of humor. I finished my coffee while thinking happy thoughts then packed up everything, walked down the hall out to the large garden room and sank into the comfy chair nearest a huge window. I whipped out The Prize Winner Defiance, Ohio (my book with the largest print), aimed the pages toward the window 8 feet away (attempting to capture hopeful bits of a glare) and for the next two-and-a-half hours, squinted through just three pages at a time before pausing lest my eyes become strained. Over and over.

Oh, and fondly recalled how, until age 42, I'd had perfect vision.

Oh well! I survived. And even better-- I felt so blessed while, during my pauses, I'd watch people holding the glass doors opened for each other, running to do that in some cases, even though big square buttons open the doors automatically. Sometimes folks in wheelchairs (and persons behind them to push) paused before the doors (inside), waiting for their driver to bring the car through the snowflakes, and people walking in would hold the door and ask, "Are you leaving?", perfectly willing to stand there holding the door for as long as it took.

I do love Buffalo folks. And I do love a God who blesses us and gives us a sense of humor if we'll only stay open to receiving what He sets down right in front of us. And always remaining very, very grateful.

Psalm 28:7 
7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. 
My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Philippians 4:6 
6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Oh! After we arrived home Monday from the always-scary-but-more-so-in-the-snow NYS Thruway, Tom and I finally watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Oh. My. Goodness. Absolutely loved that movie and cried through the entire thing. Highly recommended and it's squeaky clean--yay!



Anonymous said...

Oh you are blessed, Debra, having perfect eyesight until age 42!! Some of us have worn glasses since grade school. I actually wear the lenses that are graduated, so in essence are tri-focals, but for some reason I can still read best without my glasses on!! Sorry you faced that challenge.

The people of Buffalo do sound like fine folks. Finding people with good manners these days is not always easy!! No wonder you enjoy living there. I think when you live among others with good manners, your whole life is less stressful. Wish all the world understood this. Challenges in life come around, but tis nicest when we are kind and helpful to each other!!
Elizabeth in VA

Anonymous said...

I do not need my glasses for reading, but do not let me drive without them!!! LOL One year my eye doctor about fell out out his chair when he learned I had been driving with my old glasses. Squinting does help;-)

When we moved from San Diego to Yucaipa we were shocked at the number of friendly drivers. Seriously freaked us out when at a 4 way stop and folks gave us the right of way. They use their blinkers too.

blessings, jill
visiting from enchanted cottage

Anonymous said...

Oh how the Twilight Zone show resonate with me and all who need glasses and Love to read!!! I wondered if anyone else brought more than one book for such a wait!! :) I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone this morning dealing again with the credit card company. We have called 3 times this month with the same easy question and all 3 times get a completely different answer. So who is right!! :) !! It is not that hard a question people!!!!! :-) Sarah

Bonnie said...

Amen to having to be hearty to put up with the long winters, Debra. We left WNY yesterday in the snow in our rental car and headed toward D.C. for a few more days of vacation. That snow driving was tiring for my husband who was raised in SoCal. We'll head home soon. : ) Hang in there!

Deborah Raney said...

I just love your attitude, Debra. If everyone was so positive this world would be a better place. We have snow in our forecast too, but hey, it's the end of March. Spring can't be TOO far behind, can it?

Julie nliT said...

Wonderful that your positive outlook made your day a good one, even without those glasses! (Over the last few years, I have bought about 5 readers - I like the cute, inexpensive ones from Michael's craft store - and place them strategically at points around the house. There is even a pair in the bathroom! :)