Monday, March 18, 2013

A Free Helpful Kindle Book For You


Oh! Here's another present for you.

Grandma's Herbal and Homemade Remedies. You can get this eBook free for your kindle--at least, it's still free as of today.

I'm making a list of plants from this book to add to my herb garden in front of our house. I'm all for discovering herbal remedies and way, way prefer  running to those rather than my medicine cabinet. I currently take no med's and hope to keep it that way for many years to come. Books like this one help me much--this one is written simply and is easy to understand, thank-goodness! :)

Just thought you might like this eBook!


Again, you can get a free Kindle Cloud Reader through I love mine and have found over 300 free books for it.


Ha! This morning I accidentally wore my snow-shoveling coat to the supermarket. Eegads! That rattly ol' black wool thing is barely presentable for shoveling snow! heh. So I slipped it off and folded it over the sides of the cart both at the supermarket and Dollar Tree. Fortunately both stores felt warm enough without it. :)



Dolores said...

Thanks for posting this
Debra. I just ordered it. We need all the help we can get. We spend about $150 a month in co-pays alone.

Bonnie said...

Ha ha.....that's a funny coat story. I always think I'm the only one that does things like that.

It's almost 1:00 and the snow just started south of Buffalo. Supposed to get about two inches.

K.E. said...

The People's Pharmacy ( has a great online reference library of herbal and home remedies (soap under sheets for leg cramps - works!).
I still turn to my very worn copy of "Homesteader's Handbook" (published in 1973) for organic gardening advice, pest control, recipes, etc.

Anonymous said...

My most recent wonderful find was bought at Swanson's vitamins. It is called MSM cream...a natural thing, not sure if it is herbal. I have never found anything that helps sores heal like this stuff!! Hubby takes some MSM each is supposed to help with diabetes problems. Not expensive and a little goes a long ways. Sometimes it will heal up things almost overnight, that with us having diabetes might take several weeks to heal. I think everyone should have some on hand however. I have used vit. E oil in the past and it helps too...but it is so much slower acting than this cream. I think your idea of growing and using herbs is very good. And if you are kind of careful how you plant them, they should not be too noticed (as being more than decoration)...just some pretty plants, right?

Heh I guess all of us have found ourselves rather horrified at what we accidently wore to town to shop!! A senior moment is what some of my friends call that!!
Elizabeth in VA