Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wandering Around My House This Evening

See the Little White House In The Sky? Well, that's what I call it, a house very much like ours, but theirs sits up on top of a single-story house, blue even, like a summer sky. Just outside my window for my dreaming pleasure.

A couple of my very favorite book jackets and other assorted books and stuff.

Sammy jumps off the bed whenever I eject a dvd, for the whole process fascinates him. And when I place a video into the other side? He steps around to the back of the player, expecting to see the video come out there. He's one weird cat--but we love him.

Our dining room. Again. With fake springtime flowers.

Speaking of flowers, these are the lovely red carnations Vicki and Dale brought to us when they came to lunch on Saturday. These are much prettier in-person, especially with the light shining through the water.

So there you go. A peek at my world this evening.



Tracy said...

a lovely home for a lovely person! :)

Debra said...

Thanks, Tracy. That is so sweet of you. Really. Blessings, Debra

K.E. said...

Lillie, my little black cat, likes to chew on the strips that pull off the glue that close the Netflix envelopes.
Weird, right?
Even weirder - she knows when it's a NetFlix DVD and gets all excited when the player opens, meowing and running around by the DVD player, waiting for the strip of paper.
She does NOT do that when it's one of our own DVD's.
Don't you just love them?!

Debra said...

Kim--that's a hoot! (And yes, I'm thinking it's weirder than what Sammy does...heh....) Yes, cats make our lives fun! Blessings, Debra