Friday, April 13, 2012

Calling All You Fun People...

So after another rough day yesterday, one where I whined to Tom, "Can't we even go three days without bad news? Or how about just two? Two days of no bad news would be splendid," it occurred to me this morning that lately I've just not been having enough plain ol'-fashioned fun.

And yet here in my blog I've told you to always leave time for fun, so yikes! I'd better practice what I preach, lest I become an out-of-balance, pathetic hypocrite. 

And so this morning Tom and I went to two yard sales, my first ones in, wow, probably 9 months, for I thought, "Yard sales used to be fun. Maybe they are what I need." But ah, heck. No, just as I'd feared, I am totally cured of my former yard sale addiction. They are not fun anymore. 

Yard sales--you are so dead to me now. 

So while driving home, Tom called us "Tweeners." Why? Because we are at that in-between age where we're no longer young, but we're not elderly yet, either. And now we need to find activities people our in-between age enjoy.

So hey! Here's where you other Tweeners come in:

What do you do for fun?

Please give us ideas. Lots and lots of ideas, ok? And please don't worry about what Tom and I may or may not enjoy-- just tell us what you enjoy.

So let's hear it, all my fellow Tweeners (or anyone else)! Please leave all your ideas of fun in my comment box. 

Thank-you, thank-you, we both thank you.  :)


Do you love that top photo, or what? :)  That's Tom when he was 17 or 18. Personally, I think he was one handsome dude--still is, all these years later!



Elizabeth said...

Well Debra, as you know, we have lots of fun with our grandchildren. I know you do not have those yet,but let me tell you when you do, you will be having fun! There is just nothing like it!
Just had a thought you could try Big sister and Big brother until you do have your own,there are a lot of children who need someone in there life. I am even thinking of doing that myself. We also have fun in our boating club and church friends and community activities,there is always something going on in our little community. Tomorrow is a "worm grunting festival"

K.E. said...

Check out
for groups in your area.
You can filter by what you're interested in: hiking, canoeing, eating out, book clubs, etc.
Join the group and show up for whatever event sounds good to you.

I loved the line - "yard sales - you are so dead to me now." Cured! :)

Rosemary said...

I identify with your problem, Debra. But today I did something I haven't done in years and it was something so simple --- I rode a bicycle. It was an old rusty one but I cleaned it up and when, I climbed on and started pedaling I squealed with delight. I know it sounds dumb but act like a child again -- play a board game with friends, eat a snowcone, run through a sprinkler in your swimsuit. Remember, we're really just "girls with grandmother faces".

Anonymous said...

We have always been stick in the muds as far as exciting lives. Our idea of fun is or was going to a swap meet.,.used store or looking around an antique store {just looking} Exciting ha.... :) ?? Since retirement we have had time now to know others through things in our tiny community and that has led to us doing other things. Before that hubbies work hours precluded us going to any meetings and such. Now we have fun working with some of these people on a weekly basis helping out at several community buildings. Going to meetings and helping to improve life here for others. Cleaning and raking or whatever. Makes us feel good to be helping out and while there we meet more people. We are just figuring out this retirement life and yes we are not Tweenies anymore. :) There are so many places you can volunteer together or singly. For one hour one time only or weekly or how ever you want. Ya never know who you will meet that will lead to something else in life either! Sarah

Bonnie said...

My husband and I aren't huge adventurous people, but like the quiet life like you and Tom do....but when is the last time you set up a puzzle on your dining room table? You can work on it as much or as little as you want to. You can do the same thing with a scrabble game. My husband likes to have a little salad garden (you could just use window boxes to make it easier.) How 'bout making something you've never tried before like homemade salad dressings? A new one each week. Now that you guys have a new neighborhood and spring is coming, how about a walk(s) at the same time each day? The theory behind the walk being the same time each day is to hopefully fall in line with other people's routines and start to get to know your neighbors better. Life is better when we reach out to others.

Just some ideas we've tried over the years. Thanks for asking!

Sara said...

Oh dear, there's little hope of anything exciting from this neck of the woods ;) Our usual "fun" consists of watching TV series we missed when everyone else was watching them via DVD (sound familiar?) When feeling adventurous, we really get nuts and take a long drive stopping for lunch along the way. I do use our state web site lots to find quick road trip ideas, state parks are highly under utilized if you ask me. And you did! I agree with the salad garden idea, love that. I have a small berry garden as well. One thing I really do enjoy? Hitting thrift stors or antique shops or yard sales on those exciting drives and finding sweet little items to put away for future gift giving. A set of vintage salt and pepper shakers cost little but make a very cool gift. I'd like credit for not suggesting reading a book! LOL!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

If you find the right volunteer job it can be great. I love to walk in parks and visit gardens. I'm lucky here because I'm right next to a National Park and local parks are many. These things really satisfy me.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Because we are in a financial tight spot right now and we don't have any extra money to spend, we go to parks and walk or just sit on the benches and people watch. I like to take pictures of the flowers and trees that are growing in the parks. Sometimes our girls bring their bikes and ride the bike paths. Sometimes we bring a picnic.

Echoes From the Hill said...

We like checking out antique malls or indoor flea markets. Country auctions can be a lot of fun, too.

How about scheduling a trip to TN, if gas prices ever go down.

If you like to play cards, getting together with another couple to play pinocle or rummy can be inexpensive and fun.

Does your area have any summer free concerts in a park or on a university campus? That can be a lot of fun, especially if it is okay to take a picnic.

Remember the county fairs you attended? Those are really fun and rather inexpensive ways to spend an afternoon, if you don't buy meals there!

Browsing in a used book store, or better yet a thrift store that has a used book section, is often interesting.

Does your library have any adult activities, like book clubs, etc?

Most newspapers list activities once a week, at least in my area, that are free, or low cost.

If there is a college nearby, there are often plays, concerts, etc. that are not very expensive, and sometimes rehearsals are free.


Anonymous said...

Yes our area has a garden club and the Argiculture department has cooking classes. Also as others said lots and lots of places have parks and gardens to go to. Some charge but certain times of the year they are free and ask on Senior days you can get the tram ride through the part even free if you plan ahead. If your city has a web site keep checking it...or some newspapers have a section on free places to go or places to volunteer. Our neighbor saves the paper for us after they read it and we find things there. I love the idea of getting together to play cards..that is so a 40s or 50s thing. couples used to do that weekly. I always thought when i 'grew up' I would be doing that too.And puzzles out on a card table etc. Yes! I will keep checking back and seeing ideas for us too!!! THANKS! Libraries also have speakers and authors there at times. Friends of ours have been walking and admiring certain yards over and over and the neighbors have come out and invited them to see the back yards etc. They have met new friends that way and gotten much garden inspiration too. I need to get my thinking cap on! Sarah

Judy said...

Watch TV. When political commercials come on, mute the sound and make up your own! This is SOOO much fun.

Crochet. Make up your own patterns. Pull them apart and make something else.

Presently I'm reading French history at the time of Louis XIV. I have fun learning stuff.

Good Flea Markets. Not the out-side dollar store kind. The kind held in lovely outdoor settings with abundant shade. Search for something obscure. It's amazing how thrilling it feels to actually find it.

Find pictures of rooms you love in decorating magazines. Then shop garage sales and thrift stores for similar items. We do this ALL THE TIME without ever buying anything - just to prove that it could be done for soooo much cheaper. Sadly, we cannot even afford cheaper anymore, but we refuse to let that ruin our fun!