Friday, April 20, 2012

That Down On The Farm Feeling

So if you live in the suburbs yet long to live on a farm, instead, well, today I'll tell you exactly how to get that Down On The Farm Feeling.

Here's how: step outside into your suburban yard and rake a few too many leaves. Transplant a few too many flowers, plant a few too many seeds, carry a few too many gallons of water around so to water plants. Gather fallen twigs, mow the lawn, sweep the sidewalk.

Then when you step back inside your house your legs will whine, "For heaven's sake, lie down!," and you'll collapse upon the couch and wonder if you'll ever be able to move again.

That's the Down On The Farm Feeling. 

Really. I know because I had a farm and every Spring and Summer that's exactly the way I felt. All the time.  :)


Oh wow. Tom and I finished watching all ten episodes at Netflix of Dual Survival and we were so sad to see it end! Loved, loved that series to pieces. Every moment.

Anyone else have something similar to recommend? We've already seen the two Out of The Wild series and Man, Woman, Wild and I Shouldn't Be Alive and various shows about climbing Mt. Everest. There's one we haven't seen, something with ... hmmm.... is it Bear SomethingOrRather? But he goes out alone and what Tom and I love best is seeing the interaction between people when they're out in the wild. Their reactions, their dependence upon each other and needing to cooperate together in order to survive, etc.

If you can think of something similar to these shows, let me know, ok? Thanks.

Addendum:  oh! I found a list online of other survival shows here. If you personally can recommend any of these, I'd love to hear about it/them!


We are having more company over to lunch tomorrow. Dale and Vicki are on our list of People We Meant To Invite Over While Living On The Farm But Didn't Because We Were Too Tired And Other Sorry Excuses. Slowly we've been whittling away at that list and it certainly feels wonderful to do so.


Oh! And one more thing. This was so inspirational--it's a video of how one family created a 10 million dollar business from less than $100. It proves what I've said for years-- one terrific idea can prove to be more valuable than one very expensive education.


The top photo is of our only tulip which did anything this year. :)


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Saija said...

so happy to hear your happiness ... enjoying spring and all ... our spring sort of stopped 'springing' - but that's ok cause the snow is gone, the ice is off the water and i can go for walks without boots ... so all is still well!!!