Monday, April 02, 2012

The Faith And Works List

So at the beginning of last week I remember wildly anticipating the weekend. Because we had a fun, exciting weekend planned? 

Uh, no. Rather, because I knew by then most of our weeks-long, it-wasn't-our-fault banking problems would be over. We'd have our new bank cards. We'd have mailed away new checks and explanatory letters (from the bank) to various companies who believed we messed-up. And our short return to cold, snowy weather would be gone (hopefully not returning till next winter).

And you know? By Sunday, all those things came to pass. And though I did remind myself to remain happy during the in between, walking-by-faith days, well, I'll tell ya... I also did celebrate when the weekend arrived and I reveled (inside) that so much closure had taken place in a short span of time.

And after all that, yesterday I began--in writing this time-- a new 'Faith And Works List' for this week. You know, good things I'm believing will happen, things I'll complete during these next six or seven days, bringing even more closure and releasing even more pressure from our humble lives here at Hobbit Cottage. 

Below is a small sample from that list:

Believing For By April 8th, 2012:

Daniel and Sammy will get along
Both litter boxes will be available for the cats in the basement (took me ages to come up with this remarkable idea. I am so slow!)
The weather will be warmer and we won't need to use the heater every day.
Our tax return will be completed and in the mail.
I'll be able to print coupons from my computer again.
I'll have found the complete address for my Jr. High music teacher and will have mailed him a thank-you note.
I'll have caught-up on email.
I'll have--finally-- carried Naomi's bag of Salvation Army items down the street to the drop-off bin.
I'll have picked up more leaves and begun working on flower beds in our yard.
Our friend, John, will be healed.

Again, that's just a sample and you know? I prefer that to a typical To Do List. Some of those items only God can do, others either Tom or I will need to complete. But it all gives me much to look forward to. Oh, how good answered prayer and accomplished tasks feel! 

I already crossed-off four items yesterday and I'm already celebrating. Always, each day, there's much to celebrate--and Life appears downright glorious when that finally sinks in.


"Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead."  ... James 2:17


Real faith contains a lot of joy because it believes....


I found another special blog on Saturday (!). Check it out here.



Tracy said...

A fabulous list and a great idea I may have to try myself! :)

Sara said...

What a great idea! Forever renewing the mind, that is what you are! There's the up side to my being home sick; I can sit here with my coffee and enjoy my blog neighbors at my leisure. Look, you're rubbing off on me!

Elizabeth said...

A very good idea!