Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Zeal, Some More Fun

"Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord."  Romans 12:11


Don't you love that verse? (And doesn't it just convict you to pieces?Majorly convicts me, anyway.) 

At Facebook I'm noticing that the updates I appreciate most from my friends are the ones where you can tell they're spilling over with happiness at being alive--even in 2012. Even though our government leaders make mistakes. Even though the economy is affecting us all. Even though Life looks differently than they'd imagined it would long ago.

And, I don't mean the big-time spiritual-sounding, Bible-verse-stuffed, or I-went-on-a-missions-trip updates, either. No, I'm talking about the posts where there's some zeal and glowing and burning with the Spirit. You know, ones where--if the sun isn't shining for them--they're still glowing through the clouds, anyway. They are still being and seeing the Light even in dark times.

Those are my favorite Facebook updates.


Oh! What a momentous day we had here yesterday at Hobbit Cottage. Sammy The Cat was permanently released from his room and he and Daniel The Cat are handling being together throughout the house 24/7. Finally, after 6 (eternal) weeks! Tom got his bedroom back and set-up his stereo in there and listened to a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young record. All this was a long, long time coming and definitely feels like a miracle.


I so appreciated your ideas for fun! I'm going to slowly read all your ideas and list things Tom and I can do together. We do enjoy having people over to lunch (we've already had more people over to Hobbit Cottage, I believe, than we ever had out to the farm(!)). We still enjoy country fairs and no one mentioned the thing we love most--vintage car shows/cruises. Oh, we do enjoy those and finally yesterday I discovered lists online of local ones. And we do enjoy coffee shops and picnics, too-- we are surrounded by tons of water that we can sit beside, so gotta love that.

We're limited from some fun ideas by Tom's not being able to walk very long and some ideas are ones we've, sadly, outgrown. And I do love the idea of volunteering, but every day of my life I help people--and though I totally enjoy doing that (I do!)--I feel the need to sometimes have the kind of fun where I can let go and not worry about saying or doing something that will mess people up forever. You know, fun activities where I can 'let my hair down,' relax and come away feeling as though I've been on a sunny, peaceful vacation. And truthfully? That's how I always feel when we come away from a picnic at our favorite park on the shores of Lake Ontario. Oh wow. That park is old and there used to be a Victorian hotel and fairgrounds there and to me, that Victorian spirit still wafts around in the misty-moisty air, like catnip to me, making me feel like rolling around in glee upon our picnic blanket. (So dignified, that's me...heh.)

Oh well, I've told you about that place lots of times already in this blog and it looks like I'll be hinting to Tom soon that we really need to get back out there now that the weather is warming.

Again, thank-you. Again, keep adding fun ideas as they come to you. Again, thanks for helping as we all face changes together!


Here's a picture of the Victorian hotel which used to be on the edge of the silent park we love to visit:

Of course, I always still picture it being there, anyway...


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Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention book clubs? Or book stores. Authors come to book stores too at times.Small art galleries. [ small so not much walking}..Plays? sometimes at the last play rehearsal they give a free show. Little League ball games or high school games in your town. Bird watching? {with a cart}...tractor shows? Craft fairs. I know walking.... :( Library book sales? Car shows are sometimes not big but gatherings of small car clubs that meet at certain burger places. Ask around. Have a burger and enjoy the day with the cars...and usually some oldies music too! Small local historical museums or other attractions. Your chamber of commerce probably has a list. There are usually many small odd places hardly anyone knows about. Some towns have free movies in the park during the summer. Ok I am out of ideas for today. Have your own sale of used furniture like you used to pick up on the curb and redo. One place we volunteer we don't interact with other people...just work and then go home. So no problems with other's reactions. Sarah