Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One More Hint And Some Book Recommendations

So. Did you like my teaser yesterday? No? Well, I can only give you one more hint today and then we must all wait a week (or more) to discover the rest, ok? (Patience, patience...)

Here's your last hint: Because Tom was in the right place yesterday at just the right moment, I may be able to resurrect the ol' Suzy Homemaker I've missed so much.

There. That's your clue. (Deal with it....heh...) And now I must zip my lip because Tom doesn't want me to reveal more. But believe me, it's been fun doing some new kind of dreaming since yesterday. Happy sigh.


See those books, above? If you told me I'd be spending the rest of my life on a deserted island and could only take ten books along with me, well, those are the ten I'd bring.

The Bible
It's Bright In My Valley by Philip Jerome Cleveland
Cousin William by Della T. Lutes
Mary Emma & Company by Ralph Moody
Chicken Every Sunday by Rosemary Taylor
Mama Makes Up Her Mind by Bailey White
Ten Kids, No Pets by Ann M. Martin
Practically Seventeen by Rosamond du Jardin
More Adventures With David Grayson by David Grayson (which is cheating because it contains 3 books...heh..)
The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

And if I could bring 15, I'd stuff these into my suitcase:

Thoughts of Home compiled by Elaine Greene
Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Ramona The Pest by Beverly Cleary
Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright
Journal of a Happy Woman by June Strong

(Notice how worn-out most all of these books appear?) In fact, looking over those last five, I'd certainly better be allowed to bring 15 books, after all. I can't imagine living happily without any of these.

Of course, some of you who have read this far are questioning my sanity. My taste in books, certainly. Or my 'emotional age' since half these books are kids' lit. But honestly? I can truly say these are my best-loved books, ones I'm likely to grab for comfort reading, ones I'd recommend to you if you asked me.

And well, some things just are the way they are. Me, for instance. :)


Uh-oh! Technically, if I had to live on a deserted island, I'd better bring along one 'survival in the wild book', right? So the total must now be changed to 16 books.................


Anybody read at least 4 of these?



Rosemary said...

Debra, I think your taste in books is just fine. I love, love, love my David Grayson books and am having great fun re-reading some of the books from my childhood (Boxcar Children & Pippi Longstockings). Such a joy!

Tracy said...

I have read the Bible, Farmer Boy, The Long Winter and Mary Emma and Company.

Is there a possible move in your future?

Debra said...

Rosemary--so great to find another David Grayson and kids' lit. fan! :) Thanks for letting me know.

Tracy--thanks for telling me the titles you've read! And ack!.... No, no more moving for awhile. (Kinda freaks me out to even think about that...heh...)

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra

jodi said...

Just the Bible and Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Glad to hear that your aren't moving. Good luck with whatever it is :-).

Anonymous said...

I have read 4 but could the secret be that Tom has another a job of some kind so your days will be fully our own? !! ?? Oh what a nice dream that would be if it was me. I would crank up the praise music as I dusted and the oldies as I baked and not worry how long I was out hanging up clothes or gardening. No worries to bring the phone outside with me like I have to do now. ... I know we are not to get cranky or complain about our hubbies... I regressed.... I love him but just want to be let free to be able to have projects out I am working on and work full steam ahead on things without interruptions for a while... Ok I am off my high horse.... What ever the surprise we know God has good plans. Oh and thank you for some new book titles. I always look through the used kids books too a they are the sweet stories and the older ones the best. People wonder when they look at my book stacks too...let em wonder. If they would ask to borrow them they too would be hooked...least I hope they would. I am. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Weekly Reader let you buy books one summer while I was in grade school. I bought two books. One was a dog book and the other was A Silver Sword. It goes by another name too. It was a story of 3 children whose parents were arrested in Europe during WWII. They dressed quickly and got up on their roof so as not to be discovered when the soldiers came to the house to get the parents. The rest of the book is them trying to stay safe and they met a boy named Jan their age who had a chicken and they became a family. Strange for a child's book but the story made me aware of how safe and protected etc etc I am here and how resourceful you could be if needed. ETC. Story has a happy ending and one you could believe. I still have that book. It made a huge impression on me. I have always looked at war differently thinking of the innocent people living among it after reading it. I remember all the books I read or was read when small had moral messages in them. From the Little Red Hen andThe Little that the title? The little train that kept saying I think I can , I think I can...Each book taught us something and I loved them all. I really cannot understand people who do not like to read. But then they probably do not understand me either...!! :) :) Sarah ..again

Bonnie said...

"Only" the Bible from your list...and maybe a Ramona book with my daughter back in the day. : )

I'm with "anonymous" who said your miracle has something to do with some type of employment for Tom. Whatever it's a blessing.


Yellowhouse Grandma said...

I love Della Lutes books. Of course she is from Michigan as I am! And Laura Ingalls Wilder a huge favorite! I have just been reading a David Grayson book also. Love your choices!

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. I read lots of children's books too! And I'm 62! One of my favorites is Kermit the Hermit by Bill Peet.