Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thoughts About Talents

So this morning while watching Hoarders again (I know, I know) something came to me.

For many years I've heard and read that when you ask most people what their God-given talent/gift/calling is, they'll reply, "I don't know. I wish I knew."

And what came to me this morning is that satan tries extremely hard to stop us from discovering our talent(s) because our callings bless and help other people. Any talent, no matter what, inspires the rest of us to aim higher, to not give-up and to find beauty in an ugly world. Heck, our gifts bless and help us, too, what with all the joy which comes from doing what God designed us to do. But satan convinces us happiness is in doing for ourselves rather than in obeying God and loving others.

So while I'm staring into these Hoarders' rooms I'm thinking of all the passion it requires to collect literally tons of junk. How it's like trying to fill the bottomless pits which are our hearts, pits which can only be satisfied with knowing Jesus as Friend and declutterer of those hearts.

And of course, hoarding is certainly not the only way people wear themselves out trying to stuff those empty hearts. There are addictions galore in this life, as we've all heard about or experienced: drugs, food, smoking, sex, pornography, even wild addictions to being the best athlete, artist, gardener, business person or the smartest human being on the planet. And so much more.

So I guess I'm just seeing clearly this morning the vital need--of course for Jesus most of all!--but for each of us to discover  how He wants each of us to help others. Since Time's beginning He designed a wonderful, useful plan for us and what remains is for us to find it. To not look backward at a life we once had (or could have had), nor over at our friend's awesome talents and life, but to seek until we find the ways in which we  are to bless and help and inspire others.

And of course, satan hates our searches. He confuses us, whispers lies such as, "You're the one person on this planet who has no talent/gifting/calling," or "You're way too hopeless and sad (or too busy) to see God's plan for you through."

But remember--it's lies, all lies. Hence the need to stay plugged into God and His words so that always, they will shine brighter. So that He will shine through us, blessing others with the talents He excitedly gave us, knowing their great potential to make our life count for something amazing.


The happiness was never in asking, "What can others do for me?," but rather, "What can I do for others?"



Mary said...

Wow, Debra, very insightful! I have read that hoarders have control issues. As in, "look at all this stuff I have control over". It is a good example of when we let fear, rather than love, rule us. You live trusting God to provide what you need and letting go to others what you no longer need. I want to be just like you when I "grow up" :)

Debra said...

Aw, Mary... You're sweet! And yes, the control issue is such a big thing with hoarders because usually they've lost people who were dear to them so now they feel they control whatever else they can. And trust me, I still have a few control issues of my own to work through.... but thanks for being so nice! Blessings (and wishing all good things for your family), Debra

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Somehow, this brought to my mind the words of St. Augustine, "You have made us for yourself, Oh, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee."

Stuff isn't going to heal our restless hearts.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

But I have to say that I'm still laughing over the thought of someone being addicted to being the smartest human being on the planet!

Morning's Minion said...

I'm not a tv person so haven't seen The Hoarders. My daughter has and likes to suggest that I could become one.
I don't think I'm in real danger there, but this year long decluttering and sorting since moving to a smaller house is a tremendous task.
I never thought of "collecting" as a control thing--hmmm.