Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Give It

So! Last night our closing date got moved up about a week. Eeks!

Although that means we'll get into Hobbit Cottage sooner. Gotta love that.

But it also means we'll need to be out of here by next Saturday, Sept. 2nd. So guess who's stepping-up her leisurely packing pace?

Yet all is well. Grace returned a few weeks ago and she's been helping me in huge ways, like with the moving sale which is now only a memory. And all our remaining items got carted away--no trip to Salvation Army necessary, at least not yet.  Tom and I are thinking after we get settled--most likely--we'll need to make a Salvation Army run (or two) with our stuff which will not fit into Hobbit Cottage. The more I pack, the more I'm thinking still! we own too much stuff.

And for those of you who are also needing to downsize? I say go for it, with as much wild abandon as you can. Concentrate on the giving away to others and it won't be so hard. Like, at our moving sale, I'd tell sweet little ladies things like, "If you'll pay fifty cents for that fabric panel, I'll give you that stack of dishes for free."

Oh, how I delighted in all the happy smiles I made over those moving sale days! The following ones, also, when people responded to our Craig's List ad and came for free stuff. "This is free?" they'd ask. And I'd respond, "Yes! Please do us a favor and take it far away."

Give, give, give and it shall be given unto you.  Revel in all the smiles and gratitude and your obedience to God.  You'll love it.


P.S. Did you know it's possible to change your home address with the U.S. Postal Service online? Just found that out today and oh! How nicely convenient. Cost a dollar, but I loved the ease of it all. Go to for details.


So, as part of the moving process, I cleaned the top of the refrigerator this afternoon (a task I try to avoid whenever possible) and you'd never guess in a bazillion years what I found..... Give up? A hairball. From a cat. On top of the refrigerator. Certainly didn't expect to find that!


Oh, and in case you're wondering--we are hundreds and hundreds of miles inland so Irene will not bother us (I'm praying, though, for those she will bother). Speaking of weather--forgot to tell you that during the week of our moving sale we had rain on Thursday, then both Friday and Saturday (our moving sale days) were clear and gorgeous, then Sunday was a total washout. Another miracle--a weather one. :)



Odie Langley said...

Debra I like your style girl.

Jan said...

Emptied and sold MIL home this past week because she went into a long term care situation. What a huge job packing and sorting. Tomorrow is the official yard sale although anyone who has dropped by as we unpacked resorted and price were welcome buy or get things free.
It has relieved us of the heavy burden of storing and then getting rid of it all later on.
God is good and the yard sale money will probably be his only inheritance so I am thankful to do this for him.

Rita said...

Maybe you can help me think a different way. I don't have a lot of things but I still have to many things. Quite a bit of my mom and dad's stuff to still get rid of. There was a lot of upset because of the length of their illnesses and so on. My dad died in 84 and I'm still finding clothing that was his. I didn't know him well but I do remember what he wore and it's so difficult to let these things go. With all the deaths in the family our family is now very small. I need to keep freeing myself to begin a free and better life but I seem unable to get past this hurdle. Any ideas?

Saija said...

and you still have time to blog too! you really are amazing!!! and in a weeks time you start another new adventure!!

Debra said...

Odie--thanks! :)

Jan--best wishes on your yard sale! I hope you'll have as much fun as we did and that you're able to sell lots of things (and have fun giving some

Rita-- photos! That's my suggestion. :) Take pictures of the things that mean the most to you and then place them in a scrapbook that you can look at again and again.

And also (as they say on Clean House and Hoarders) remember that people are not their stuff. If you're getting rid of stuff, you're not getting rid of the people or your memories of them. I've had to remind myself of that a lot lately...

Saija--thanks. :) I'm finding if I just do a little bit each day it all gets done.

Thanks, Everyone! ...Debra