Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Nearing The End Of Another Season

So. Mostly, kinda, Naomi has moved out and into her apartment which is only fifteen streets away from Hobbit Cottage. Yet still she has a few boxes upstairs and in our barn--and--her three cats still live here. But don't get all twitter-pated, for we volunteered to keep them until she buys an air-conditioner.

Besides, Sammy, Farrah and Ginger give Tom and me our necessary, daily kitty fix.  Holding them (well, not Mean Kitty Ginger) has comforted us since we lost both our sweethearts. Always, we must have cats.

Naomi's coming to this farm and staying for one year was a gift.

Before she arrived, I often wished we could have experienced farm life with our daughter, and well, God allowed us to do that. A bit late in Life, ok,  or perhaps right on time (His timeline not resembling peoples'). And though Naomi was gone much due to her busy life, she helped with the care of this huge place and saw for herself its highs and lows, its delightful points and dreadful ones.

Our choosing this country life will help Naomi make future wise decisions about how much land is enough. Growing her own food is her dream, but now she realizes one doesn't need four acres in order to do so.

Always, this farm-living was meant to be temporary, just a taste, one lasting five years at the very most. Tom and I wished only to live-out a dream and a few pent-up farm fantasies so to arrive at the end of our lives with fewer regrets and some lovely memories.

And that's what we shall do now.

Naomi's one-year return home, of course, was always a temporary thing, also. And what a season it was! Mostly harmony-filled and dear, but I did miss my private space upstairs (and learned I must always carve such a space out for myself) and oh! the interrupted nighttimes I had. I'll miss Naomi, yes, but not the nights when mother-curiousity would yank me from bed at 2:00 or 3:00 to check the kitchen for Naomi's keys, the sign she'd arrived home--or not.  Usually, it was not. Sigh.

Oh dear, I'm almost tempted to tell you, "Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be musicians," but of course, I can't. Naomi is so ridiculously gifted and called to be a drummer and it would be a sin for Tom or I to ever beg her to become something other than what God made her. Always, we've realized that.

But still. :)

So life goes on, revolves and changes into something altogether different. Naomi has moved-on to a whole other place in Life and Time--and soon--Tom and I will move-on, too.

And oh, I can hardly wait!


We create our own pain whenever we try to force any season to last forever.


"To everything there is a season, a time, a purpose under heaven." ... Ecclesiastes 3:1



Dolores said...

Loved the "Always, we must have cats". My husband and I feel the same way.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Life is always changing, always a journey, always a pilgrimage, really. And I know we are supposed to pay attention to the blessing of every moment along the path. You are so good at that, Debra.

Anonymous said...

Tis indeed most difficult NOT to worry over a single daughter out late at night!! But when they are moved out, tis true, no point in worrying.

You are indeed blessed that you were able to live rural for a time, and now quickly, moving elsewhere. Some moves involve waits of very long months, or years. I miss not being more rural, but we are not well enough to take care of where we are much longer even and that is a tad less than an acre. So working on the paring down so when the move comes, hopefully it will be easier!!
Happy moving,

Jan said...

Rural we have been for 35 years. At 68 I am trying to keep what I do nearer to the house. (We have 70 Acres). Our garden is now 15 small raised beds. We are trying to keep our goat herd to 8...hard to do when three are going to kid in the next 60 days. And we are content here.
Since all our kids are adults we live on the first floor and that helps too.
I can live without cats but certainly not without goats!

Phil said...

"We create our own pain when we expect any season to last forever."

You hit that one dead-on, Debra. I've always had such a hard time with change, and I wonder why, since I trust God so much. But I keep on workin' on it. An empty nest is the pits, among other things.

Oh, and the Hoarder's post yesterday? It's my favorite show. Fascinating. I've noticed many of the people only have serious problems after a life-crisis such as divorce or death of many loved one's quickly. It makes sense to me. And yes, it always makes me want to get up and clean a closet. lol.

Bonnie, wife of Phil. : )

Rosetta said...


I love that quote about creating our own pain ... Is that yours?


Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone for taking the time to comment, for I always love reading your own personal stories.

Bonnie--I had to smile when you said Hoarders is your favorite show. That sounds funny, especially since currently it's my favorite show, too! :)

Rosetta--yes, well, I did write that quote 'from my own head' but who knows? Over the years I may have read it somewhere and maybe God reminded me about it. But as far as I know I didn't copy it from anybody specifically. :)

Thanks again, Everyone.... Debra