Friday, August 12, 2011

Pausing In The Decluttering Mist

Still here!

I'm just in the Decluttering Zone and discovering I must stay there in order to concentrate, to do it all before Moving Day which is still a date unknown. Perhaps around September 1st.

We technically have five attics upstairs, three of which were crammed with boxes, two of which I've emptied, one of which is still two-thirds full.

Good grief. Never again will we own so much stuff!  Never. Again. That is a promise I'm making to myself and so I'm keeping only that which I love and/or find useful.

After all, I'm only given Grace to care for the things I love and need, hence my struggle with more.

Our huge moving sale will begin on Friday the 19th. We'll advertise on Craig's List and in the newspaper that everyone can come and play American Pickers by picking their way through our barn and digging through 1/8th acre of boxes. Should be interesting to see who shows up to pick! Our friend, Donna, has volunteered to come help us--only a true friend would do that.

Just thought I'd check in ...  If I have any thoughts other than decluttering ones I'll be back here. Take good care of yourselves, ok?


If you enjoy 'disaster films' you may like the one Tom and I Netflixed last night. It was called Tornado Valley, took place out on a beautiful countryside farm and had no sex, language or violence(!) and ok, was a bit lame in parts. But it kept our attention and played just right for our peaceful mood.



Rita said...

Sure sounds like you have all your days planned out. When I have to do what you are doing I keep in mind my new place. Looking forward to less things and freedom. Keep your strength up with a one a day vitamin and enough water. Only around 20 more days before you will enter the new phase of a peaceful life. I'll pray things sell well. Have a plan to have someone come and take away all that does not sell even if it is a dumpster and some things taken to Helping Hands. Best to you as you continue on.

Debra said...

Thanks, Rita! About all I'm thinking about these days is the new place and living simply there. :) It's so hard not to be impatient about starting the life I need right now at 52.

And we're planning to put an ad in our local Freecycle after the yard sale for anyone who wants to come and take our leftover stuff. Then what's leftover we'll either have picked up or take it to Salvation Army, ourselves. Can hardly wait till it's all out of here! Thanks again... Debra

Phil said...

Oh my gosh, Debra, that sale sounds like it will be fun! Take plenty of pictures! I want to know what kinds of stuff you're getting rid of. Always fascinating.

Bonnie, wife of Phil