Saturday, August 06, 2011

Changes Made Easier Thanks to Lucy

So. Today would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday.

Where was I when I heard she'd died? In my kitchen in Nevada, dishing-up Tom's birthday cake and ice cream for him, two friends of ours and a nine-year-old Naomi. They were watching tv and  Tom called from the living room, "Lucille Ball died today." Then after I finished watching the tv news report, I returned to the kitchen and finished scooping the ice cream with tears in my eyes.

I Love Lucy was always one of my comfort shows, one of the programs I'd watch for hours on those days when thoughts of too many changes crashed inside my head. How much better to watch Lucy's crazy antics and be nudged to smile rather than to stare into space and picture my own problems.

Not until a couple years ago did I realize why old tv shows, movies and books, ones pre-watched or pre-read fifty times, comfort me. It's because--though my surrounding world may be flinging changes--those shows and books never do. Always it's the same lines. The same exact plots. The same audience laughter or dance scenes in the very same places. No danger of anymore unexpected surprises or bad news in old films and books!

And I think that's rather why I (and lots of other folks) also seek places alone, by ourselves (or with our spouse only), during rough times. We don't wish to bother other people or  risk their possible busyness or ill-timed advice or I-told-you-so's. We crave sameness so to counteract the out-of-our-control changes. And we just wish to lick our wounds and heal, alone, or alone with Jesus, Who's got the best bedside manner around--and Who heals all the painful diseases of our sorry, sorry heads.


(You knew that was coming, right?) There arrives a time to leave the tv or our books of the hide-away, comfort places.  A time to step outside the door again so we can jump back up on the  merry-go-round of Life. The time returns to test our healing on wobbly legs, to listen, again, to our teachers, even those whose lessons we don't always appreciate and to care for others who need the help we, ourselves, have received.

But anyway. Happy 100th birthday to Lucille Ball, a woman who did not hide her talents beneath any bushel baskets, but rather, allowed them to shine, sharing what God gave her, offering comfort to the rest of us even now, long after she went away.


Corinthians 1:4,5... God comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.”



Lori Alexander said...

I loved that show also. She always made me laugh and I love to laugh. My daughter danced in the ballet company that the little boy who played little Ricky in the show owns. He is a strong believer and a wonderful man. He has some great stories about Lucy and Ricky....So fun!

Anonymous said...

Right now I'm watching the Hallmark marathon of 96 Lucy episodes. She is my comfort zone. I've loved I Love Lucy since the very first show while I was still in high school.

Happy Birthday Lucy! Your talent and beauty will shine forever.


Anonymous said...

Some of the old shows indeed gave us laughter and that in itself helps one to heal (we have loved McHale's Navy...hubby was 6 years in the Navy, and that crazy Tim Conway!!..HA!!) And of course, being with our REAL FATHER above, brings the best solace. But indeed, our homes are supposed to be our havens FROM the world...even the Messiah had to go aside at times, alone, to prepare for what was ahead. Hubby and I cherish our Sabbath times together each week...usually just us 2 alone. We have coped much better since we began so doing. The extra quiet and rest helps as well.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Have you checked out Google today?
Each time you click on the arrow, another Lucy moment is shown.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

A lovely post....She had a great gift, did Lucy, and used it to make us all laugh and laugh and laugh. Laughter IS the best medicine, a merry heart does do us good. I truly believe we think more clearly when we are relaxed and laughter does that for us all.