Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Checking-In

Busy, busy.

Packing. Watching people take the remainder of our moving sale stuff (it's nearly gone now). Watching Gilmore Girls. Packing. Glad we gave away Naomi's huge retro orange-hairy chaise lounge and chair set yesterday.

Waiting for a potential mover guy who's coming at 2:00 to give us a quote. Packing. Washing blankets and other assorted laundry. Waiting for someone who's coming at 3:00 to buy my bike.

And did I mention packing?

And feeling very peaceful in the midst of it all.



Rita said...

I'm not as tired as you are because I've not done all the work. But I bet I am almost as excited. What a great chance to change your life for the better. Fun times ahead.

Miss Sandra said...

So glad things are moving along nicely. I look forward to hearing about the move and the settling into your new, sweet abode. May every moment be filled with bliss and blessings! xo

Anonymous said...

And in the midst of this, did you feel the earthquake a bit ago? We did...like a bowl full of jello and we live in central NC too.

Have fun, so much as you can!

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Great to know things are moving along! I packed all of July and am waiting for our new house to be closed upon before moving all those boxes in! Living in transition abodes this month of August....

Pat said...

I'm so happy to read that your are peaceful while going through the entire moving process..it can be quite a downer sometimes!
Surely the presence of the Lord surrounds you as you make this move, and this causes me to say, thank you Lord for caring for your own.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Good for you, Debra. I think you are handling all this so well. It seems like such a daunting task to me!