Monday, August 15, 2011

Missing The Cats


Naomi just now took her three cats home to her new apartment and I'm all teary-eyed. You'd think I just had a lovely week with the grandkids or something. Sheesh.

Yet this is the first time in 18 years that we've not had a cat in the house. Oh, how I will miss chirpy greetings in the mornings, especially, and holding them mid-morning for my kitty fix.

I hope I can survive the next few catless weeks.



Lori Alexander said...

I have 3 cats now...after saying I never wanted another cat! But I love my 2 little kittens. Being a grandma and having all my kids grown up, it is nice to have something to nuture!

Odie Langley said...

I don't know what Linda & I would do without our little Rocky. You will have to get another one Debra.

Debra said...

Lori--exactly right! Gotta nurture something, don't we? :)

Odie--oh yes, we plan on rescuing two cats after we get settled in our new home. It would be too upsetting to get a couple cats now and then move them again so soon. But oh my, I'm gonna be tempted anyway! :)

Thanks to both of you... Debra

Anonymous said...

Hang on...tis not so long now!! We still miss our dog, now months gone. Especially when entering the house after being gone. She was always there to greet us.

Julie no longer in Texas said...

The 2 cats meant to be yours will be waiting for you when you are ready. You will love them dearly and they will add joy to your lives! :D